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Loaves and Fishes Pantry

Sheila Salaverry

This experience was enriching indeed. I assisted a client through the pantry that seemed to have a jet pack attached to him. He went so fast that it gave me some anxiety, however, i managed to not let it consume me. I remained cool and calm on the surface.

If nothing else, I feel this tested my ability to deal with anxiety. In the past I may not have dealt with this situation with such ease and humor. It showed me my own growth. All of the other clients that I had were pleasant, however there was one that questioned the rules. I gently redirected her while I assured her that it was indeed the way things are done around here. This is helping me practice having clear boundaries as I wasn't exposed to this during my own upbringing.

I'm enjoying mingling among fellow volunteers and the positive happy environment there. The staff is very friendly and accepting of me. This has been an enjoyable experience. I'm getting very positive vibes. It is a very consistent stable environment that is constant. I can rely on the fact that when I walk through that door each time I will see welcoming happy faces, at the risk of sounding a bit corny.

Gave 4.00 Hours between Feb 19th and Mar 4th, 2018 with HS Internship Exper (250)
Sheila Salaverry

This experience was enriching as it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone a little. I will not get into detail, however I left with a "can do" positive outlook. I very much enjoy this environment as it is consistently positive. When anyone walks through the doors at Loaves and Fishes it feels like a second "home". It is inviting and full of people with warm and sunny attitudes. I like being a part of this volunteer group. I truly feel like I am making a difference.

Gave 6.50 Hours between Feb 12th and Feb 18th, 2018 with HS Internship Exper (250)
Sheila Salaverry

Overall my experience was very pleasant. The staff at Loaves and Fishes were very welcoming of me. I was given an excellent person to train myself. I shadowed her for just 1 client and then I chose to go, I did not feel pressured by any means. I was told whenever I felt comfortable enough I could. Being given that option I felt empowered and encouraged. I was able to interact with fellow volunteers and have intellectually stimulating conversation as we were waiting to assist clients. Also, there is a small meeting before each session which is informative regarding any changes that might have taken place. Volunteers are also open to share their experiences whether good or bad time willing. At an organization such as this it is, there is a very diverse client base. This will be instrumental in giving me some valuable hands on experience.

Gave 8.00 Hours between Dec 22nd and Feb 7th, 2018 with HS Internship Exper (250)