Girls Empowerment Network

Mia Gonzalez
Mia Gonzalez

Compiled a list of questions shared with the leaders of the Youth Ambassador Council to assess how the videos volunteers create have helped them and discover what they wish to see from future videos.

Gave 2.00 hours on 03/30/2021
Annika Olson
Joy Ambrose

For two weeks I decorated boxes for girls to complete during this quarantined/social distancing time. I was super ecstatic to do so and think anyone who gets the box will feel loved/seen.

Gave 7.50 hours between 07/07/2020 and 07/21/2020 with St. Edward's University
Joy Ambrose

I got the opportunity to work at Patton elementary again! This group of girls and the organization itself are truly unique.

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Gave 35.00 hours between 02/07/2019 and 05/02/2019 with Office of Community Engagement, St. Edward's University
Addison Scales
Joy Ambrose

I volunteered as a group member apart of an after school program at Patton Elementary and loved it.

Gave 45.00 hours between 01/14/2018 and 04/14/2018 with St. Edward's University