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Alfa Perez Radillo

Gave 1.50 hours on Mar 16, 2018 with National Society of Leadership & Success (The), Sigma Apha Pi - LSU, University of Nevada Las Vegas

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Othman Al Masqari

Gave 5.50 hours on Mar 28, 2015 with Muslim Student Association - LSU
Jillian Shnowski

Gave 5.50 hours on Mar 28, 2015 with Kappa Alpha Theta - LSU
Julie Faulkner

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Alkhadar Al-rashdi
Cheri Ayers-Cannon
Heidi Eckert
Michael Mentz
Joe Little
Patricia Stacy

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Laine Culotta

I'd have to say that the very first LSU Senior Stride was a success. The time committment put into planning the event showed. Everyone involved cares so deeply about the legacy of LSU and the tradition. The only improvement I would say that needs to be made for next year's event would be to promote the event more and to send an email to all graduating seniors to make the event larger. Yet, I did enjoyed the size we had today; I felt more united.

Gave 4.00 hours on Mar 30, 2014
Rachel Sunseri
Shelby Loyacano
Hope Whitsell
Victoria Hauth

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Evan Key