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Yvonne Richardson Community Center

Andrew Neaville

Today, I almost finished the travel hours excel file. I made it through the seventh week of camp, so I only have one more week to finish the hours report!!

Gave 4.00 hours on 04/27/2020
Andrew Neaville
Madeline Hill

Monday 4.20.2020
Tenisha set up a meeting with the NWA Arkansas Advocate chapter director via Zoom for me to learn more about policy and how it affects social work practice. Along with what Arkansas Advocates are currently doing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thursday 4.23.2020
On Thursday, I was able to work on my portfolio abstracts and have those completed for my Final Evaluation on Friday with Tenisha. Along with printing any more work for my portfolio. I also had a meeting with Dr. Valandra for supervision where I was able to ask her questions in regards to licensing and future career questions.

Friday 4.24.2020
I had my exit evaluation with Tenisha.

(I added in my extra hours for supervision that I missed)

Gave 29.00 hours between 04/20/2020 and 04/24/2020 with University of Arkansas, Registered Student Organizations
Andrew Neaville
Andrew Neaville

Today, I worked on the Rumble Tumble week. I searched for crafts that would be applicable to the week of Rumble Tumble. I came up with using chalk to draw out places to play hopscotch.

Gave 5.50 hours on 04/15/2020
Madeline Hill

- On Tuesday I attended and took meeting minutes for the Friends of the YRCC board meeting.
- On Wednesday I typed up the minutes from the FOYRCC board meeting into the format that is liked by the president of the board, I sent in those minutes to Tenisha. I worked on my portfolio, printing out all the presentations, certificates, resume, etc. and putting it into sheet protectors in a binder.
- On Thursday I starting working on revamping my Resume to be more colorful and professional for my portfolio, I just need to add a headshot and it will be complete. I had a thirty-minute meeting with Dr. Valandra for supervision. I then made changes to the April minutes from Tenisha’s review and sent those back to her. I also made changes based on her comments on my webinar presentation and that is a work in progress. For two hours I had a meeting with Tenisha about what I have completed and what is left for me to make changes on and turn in.
- On Friday, I used this time to work on my webinar presentation, make changes on my logic model and survey based on what Tenisha had comments on. I was also able to work on my transportation proposal based on the email received from Bryttni. At the end of the day, I sent over the completed work to Tenisha for review and approval.

Gave 11.00 hours between 04/14/2020 and 04/17/2020 with University of Arkansas, Registered Student Organizations
Carmen Hickman

Today, I spent most of the day putting everything I worked on for my project into the template that was given to me. I also made sure there were no errors in my work and everything had the correct format. It took me about an hour to rearrange the template so that the correct times aligned with the activity. It took me 2 hours to put the activities in the template and and hour and a half to look up two different activities that could substitute the face painting and puppet show, as well as finding a creative activity that older kids would enjoy. I spent the last minutes adding in information to all templates such as where I found the supplies, calculations, and bolding the activity sheet. I turned this in to my preceptor the following day.

Gave 5.00 hours on 04/13/2020 with University of Arkansas, INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001
Andrew Neaville

Today, I finished the Games Galore camp week. I finalized all of the games and crafts that I came up with for this week of camp.

Gave 5.50 hours on 04/13/2020
Carmen Hickman

Today I started working on my activity description sheet. It took about 2 hours because I looked up every activity, described how to play and facilitate it, the supplies needed, and videos to explain better. I used the same template as last time, Microsoft word.

Gave 2.00 hours on 04/08/2020 with University of Arkansas, INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001
Andrew Neaville

Today, I came up with specific game for Tumble Tumble week. I resarched a lot of games and finalized the games for the whole week.

Gave 5.50 hours on 04/08/2020
Madeline Hill

- On Wednesday, I started with re-completing my logic model and watching the videos / reading the articles provided for me on my google classroom by Tenisha. I was able to finish that and turn it into Tenisha this day. I continued my work on the Summer Transportation Proposal, on Friday I had received an email from Bryttni answering some of the questions I had in order to write the proposal well. This helped with getting started and I emailed her with a few more in regards to quotes given by transportation companies.
- On Thursday, I had my supervision this morning and we talked about my continued response to COVID-19 and what that looks like in working with my internship. Along with if I have continued at the YRCC after meeting internship hours. I have worked more on the Summer Transportation Proposal with fine-tuning some of the parts that I had done for it. I also continued my work of the presentation on how to create a webinar for the YRCC, focusing on what Tenisha commented on.
- On Friday, I had worked on my presentation in the morning before my meeting with Tenisha and read a few articles on the Arkansas Advocates website about policy. I had my online meeting with Tenisha for a little under an hour, we just talked about updates in regards to the internship and if I had any questions moving forward with projects. After I worked on redoing some parts of the presentation and utilizing the resources sent to me by Tenisha in order to better my presentation.

Gave 10.00 hours between 04/08/2020 and 04/10/2020
Carmen Hickman

I had a zoom meeting with my preceptor at 11:30am. This lasted for about 30 minutes. We talked about my work that I've submitted so far and what she expects of me the remaining of my internship. I still have to turn in my week 6 project but we decided on a date that I will be able to send it. Immediately after our meeting, I worked on moving my budget sheet into Microsoft excel to give it a more professional look. I also added a few more supplies to the list that I overlooked or didn't know of YRCC had it in the storage closet since I cant check.

Gave 3.00 hours on 04/07/2020 with University of Arkansas, INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001
Carmen Hickman

I spent most of my time today working on the budget list. I was looking up all the supplies needed for the activities that I've chosen to do so far. I mainly looked up Walmart and dollar store prices to compare. I went with Walmart because they had more and better supplies. I used Microsoft word to have a rough draft copy before I put it in Microsoft excel.

Gave 2.00 hours between 04/06/2020 and 04/29/2020 with University of Arkansas, INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001
Andrew Neaville
Carmen Hickman

I started back working on the activities for the summer program. Another thing I wanted to put on the schedule was a puppet show. I looked up available people who could do it in Fayetteville. I found a few people and but it was hard to get in touch with anybody. I then looked up if there was a way we could do it on our own. That also took a lot to work with in a little amount of time. I decided on removing this from the schedule and maybe pushing it back to a later time.

Gave 2.00 hours between 04/03/2020 and 04/29/2020 with University of Arkansas, INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001
Carmen Hickman

Before decided on calling the sites for the field trip schedule, I decided to look up each website and read on their COVID-19 policy and if they were still open to answer any questions I had. I started working on this around 2:30. This took me about 3 hours to look up every site and read on that information. After I got all the information down, I called the ones who were open. A few didn't answer the phone and the ones who did told me that reservations still cant be made. I finished this assignment around 6:45.

Gave 4.00 hours on 04/02/2020 with University of Arkansas, INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001
Carmen Hickman

I took this time to focus strictly on finding information about faceprinting. I wanted the kids to get their face painted so I looked up where or how to do it. I found a lot of information but it wasn't helpful because of the times that we are in right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. There was too much to put into this idea with difficult times so I thought it was best to put this to the side.

Gave 2.00 hours on 04/01/2020 with University of Arkansas, INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001