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Yvonne Richardson Community Center

Meredith Means
Andrew Neaville

Today, I sat in on a conference call with Tenisha and two other board members. The call was about a software that will help them track donations/donors. It will help them be able to be more intentional about thanking the donors and being more organized with the donor list. After the call, I sat in on the board meeting. After the board meeting, the kids arrived for the after school program, and I played basketball with them.

Gave 5.50 hours on 03/10/2020
Carmen Hickman

I spent most of the day working the front desk and on my summer camp planning. It was time for my rough draft for week three to be turned in so I sent it in an email to my preceptor. The afterschool kids made it around 3:30pm. I supervised them as they got a snack, played in the gym for a while, and read. Once the YRCC Chef ambassadors made it, the older kids went to cook and I went outside to the playground with the younger kids until it was time for pickup.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/10/2020 with INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001, University of Arkansas
Madeline Hill

- I attended the Friends of YRCC Board meeting and took meeting minutes for the board
- I also had an informal meeting with Bryttni and a board member about the community connections meeting as well and some of the vision/goals we have for the meeting.

Gave 4.00 hours on 03/10/2020
Tawanda Mwedziwendira
Andrew Neaville

Today, I worked on the Games Galore week of summer camp. All I have left to do is add the activities for the kids and teens to do. I also checked people in for pickle ball. I set up the MP room for the after school program. Once the kids arrived, I played basketball with a few of them.

Gave 6.00 hours on 03/09/2020
Alexander Kammien
Emily Wright
Madeline Hill

- I came in and started to work on getting inventory on what the YRCC has for the Easter Egg Hunt booths given by the SLP students. I sent an email to the students with what the YRCC has, what is still needed, and how to go about acquiring the needed items. Along with how to ask for donations. One of the students came to look at what we have and pick up the donor packets and flyers to place around southeast Fayetteville.
- Tenisha and I had a one on one meeting this morning about my midterm meeting, what I am want to learn more about and grow in, what I can do to get the most out of my internship with the last 8 weeks, and how to go about doing those things in the rest of my time here.
- For the Kid's Nite program today the kids were in trouble so we had no free time and went into 30 minutes of reading after snack. The field trip was canceled due to behavior at the beginning of the week. After the younger kids were able to have educational computer time and the older kids could play a board game, step-by-step drawing, or lego building. Towards the end due to good behavior, they were able to play soccer and then when the rental came we had the kids move into the computer lab.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/06/2020