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Yvonne Richardson Community Center

Jada Baylark
Andrew Neaville

Today, I helped a mom and two kids set up a family membership for pre school play time. After that, I checked in members for pickle ball. I set up the MP room for the after school program. Once the kids arrived, I played basketball with them.

Gave 5.50 hours on 02/24/2020
Brennan Fincher
Hunter Spor
David Puryear
Alexander Kammien
Emily Wright
Chloe Cobb
Madeline Hill

- I came into the office and started working on my portfolio some more in being specific to my next internship position.
- Tenisha and I had a one-on-one meeting going over the past two weeks on what has been accomplished, how the internship is going on my end, what I have been learning in each of the programs I am apart of, and action items for the next week.
- For Kids Nite we took the kids to a Razorback baseball game, it was so neat to see how much fun the kids had at this. We sat in the Hogpen, which allowed the kids to either sit and watch the game on the bleachers or give them the ability to play and run around in a specific area. At the end of the game when we were headed back to the YRCC the kids talked about how much fun they had going to the baseball game.

Gave 8.00 hours on 02/21/2020
Elizabeth Sanchez
Carmen Hickman

The older X-Factor kids got the chance to do ballroom dancing. The dance they learned today was the rumba. There were instructors here to teach the kids so me and the other intern's job was to make sure the kids were paying attention, partnered up with each other correctly, and help teaching the steps when needed. After they were taught the ballroom steps, the kids got a chance to do freestyles.

Gave 2.30 hours on 02/20/2020 with INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HLTH (4043) - Section 001, University of Arkansas