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Mount Wachusett Community College

Private user gave to Winchendon PD

Gave 4.00 hours on Sep 30, 2016
Maria Rivera
Jamika Nance-Garcia
Amber Rivera
Sharlene Seppala
Colleen Demboske
Yanjun Li
Silvani Tulli
Elizabeth Cross
Leah Trudeau

Private user gave to Winchendon PD

Gave 4.00 hours on Sep 30, 2016
Jamika Nance-Garcia

Jamika gave to CCAMPIS

Gave 3.00 hours between Sep 30th and Dec 16th, 2016 with Mount Wachusett Community College
MaiLoan Nguyen
MaiLoan Nguyen
Ellen Smith

Delivery, set up, work booth, breakdown and return unsold product.

Gave 3.00 hours on Sep 30, 2016 with Mount Wachusett Community College
Nga Pham
Daniel Caputi

Daniel safety training with Winchendon PD

Did safety training of 6.00 on Sep 29, 2016 with CJU 252 - Internship in Criminal Justice - W 12:30-1:30
GivePulse profile picture of Daniel Caputi Daniel Caputi  2 years ago
On 9/30 I was assigned to work with OFC Similia for the duration of the evening. Upon arrival at the police department, I was shown how to give a breathalyzer test and I was instructed that we needed to wait for fifteen minutes between procedures in order to follow regulations and guidelines for breathalyzer administration. The machine is in the booking room where we do intakes for prisoners and there are also portable ones that can be used when needed. Today we were patrolling our sector for speeding and bad inspection stickers, OFC Similia taught me how to position the police cruiser to offset it in the event of an accident, or the police cruiser being struck during a traffic stop. OFC Similia taught me the importance of maintaining awareness for not only vehicles but for officer safety during these stops. Today we had responded to an emergency call for an alleged assault that had taken place, upon arrival our senior officer SGT. Anair met us on the scene where it was determined that an assault had indeed taken place. We had then taken a female subject into custody she became very angry and did not want to be arrested moments later we arrived at the police department where she was booked and placed in jail. As a Professional, knowledgeable, and experienced officer, OFC Similia has taught me many of the critical skills that I will take with me in my career focused on police officer safety, and the importance of situational awareness, along with problematic de-escalation techniques.
Thank you, OFC Similia!

Daniel T. Caputi
Ellen Smith

Preparing items for fundraiser on Friday 9/30/16

Gave 1.00 hour on Sep 29, 2016 with Mount Wachusett Community College