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Art Department

Sage Floyd-Hathaway

For the semester, I was given the opportunity to:
• Assist art professor in his classes
• "Substitute teach" and/or monitor a few classes
• Tutor other art students

While assisting the professor in his classes (which basically entailed giving people advice/direction on their pieces, helping set up the classroom, etc.), I learnt a lot by actively watching and listening to how the professor spoke to other individual students, which I hadn't done before as a student in class. I recall the students studying folds in cloths, and he pointed out how a fold made an S-like shape. Before that, I hadn't thought of how to articulate guidance. The S-simile was easy to understand for both the student in question and for someone just listening. Alongside substitute teaching his class with another art student (and following his and another professor's example/routine), I've come to really appreciate what the professors do. It was very insightful.

One of the classes I helped substitute in dealt with a subject that I was not comfortable with (perspective). As a result, I wasn't very confident in helping others yet found (through feedback) that I was helpful despite my insecurities, which was reassuring within itself. The other substitute was familiar with the topic and watching her make the rounds with helping the students understand perspective was neat. In retrospection, it seemed like we tag-teamed in "confidence," or at least taking the initiative. For the first class (figure portraits), I was more confident. In the second (perspective) class, she was more confident. I think we made for a good team. Turns out, we also make for good friends despite very different personalities.

Tutoring was a challenge as I tried to tutor students who were far behind yet had no desire to makeup or improve. Because of this, these particular students bailed out on me almost every time I showed up. I found online tutoring helped a little bit with one student but not the other. Unfortunately, online tutoring was a bit limiting as there wasn't that real-time communication going on. Fortunately, we did get some tutoring time in (both online and in person) but not as much as I or the professor would've liked. Nevertheless, I got to learn a little bit about them and tried to engage them with both things they needed to do and things they wanted to do.

I would definitely do this again or continue with this type of service learning.

Gave 30.00 Hours between Sep 11th and Nov 1st, 2017 with Mount Wachusett Community College
Margot Parrot
Margot Parrot
Margot Parrot