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Simple pricing for your academic learning or campus life needs

Upgrade as your university, campus or service learning requirements grow.


  • Basic
  • FTE / month
  • 2 Admins
  • All Core Features
  • Surveys
  • Subgroups
  • Academic Requirements
  • Onboarding
  • Single Sign-On
  • Subdomain
  • White-Labeling
  • Professional Services
  • Open Communication


  • Looking for enterprise?
  • 10¢
  • FTE / month
  • Unlimited Admins
  • All Core Features
  • Surveys
  • Subgroups
  • Academic Requirements
  • Onboarding
  • Single Sign-On
  • Subdomain
  • White-Labeling
  • Professional Services
  • Open Communication


  • Premium
  • FTE / month
  • Unlimited Admins
  • All Core Features
  • Surveys
  • Subgroups
  • Academic Requirements
  • Onboarding
  • Single Sign-On
  • Subdomain
  • White-Labeling
  • Professional Services
  • Open Communication

Above prices are for institutional pricing (i.e., if you leverage the platform for your whole institution).
Otherwise, reach out to if you need a quote for just your department.
Platinum Gold Silver Free
Administrators Enable multiple administrators and organizers for a group or set of groups Unlimited Unlimited 2 1
Surveys Create Survey templates and assessments so that anyone may fill out the survey for you to collect and understand your data Unlimited Unlimited 3 1
Subscribers Subscribers are those you anticipate on communicating consistently with our messaging system. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 500
Subgroups Oversee a set number of subgroups. Subgroups can be any enclosed group, program, club or department within your organization Custom 50 20 2
Academic Requirements We provide course functions and additional research and reporting abilities to understand specific student KPI's.
Onboarding We work with you to do what's necessary to make your transition over to us as easy as possible.
Custom Reflection Questions/Feedback Loop Modify or add questions to survey and enable students to really reflect after their experience in the program, class, event or opportunity. e.g., After the opportunity, ask students a series of questions right after the experience.
Integrate with other Databases or LMS We are able to integrate with systems like Banner, Colleague, Jenzabar, PeopleSoft et al.
Professional Services We work with your team to identify areas to streamline, centralize, integrate & import legacy databases over to GivePulse for you. Note: related to integration to LMS's and other databases.
Training We provide webinars, onsite training, online chats, videos and everything in between. limited limited
Advanced Reporting Let's you own your data so you can aggregate and filter to generate any report
Phone Support We offer live chat and email support for all customers, but we make phone support available for those who need immediate help over the telephone.
White-Labeling White-Labeling allows for complete removal of the "GivePulse" logo at the top of the navigation. It will also apply a custom skin on our web and mobile app to look and feel like your brand and experience.
Subdomain Subdomain allows you to reserve and park your site on All subdomains are first-come first-serve.
Single Sign-On We are able to support any of the following SSO technologies: CAS, SAML, Shibboleth, LDAP, Access Manager
Open Communication No login required to communicate. go to an email you can set and the "reply-from" name can be applied to your parent and subgroups. Individuals can also by pass login and communicate directly with you.
Background Checks We work with a number of partners to provide a one button push process to get immediate background check results/reports for the student or the community partner. Available add-on
Standard GivePulse Features (Core)
List Events and Opportunities List episodic, recurring, multi-day and ongoing opportunities.
Add Shifts and Tasks When listing, you may add shifts and tasks for people to register to.
Volunteer & Donor Database (CRM) Store all information on your users in one single database.
List and Calendar View of Opportunities
Manage Registrations Abilities to cancel, decline, reassign, flag no shows, and check people in.
iOS Mobile Signin, Check-in/out Using Android or iOS, you may sign in people to your event or group, or clock them in and out.
Label or Tag
Customize Forms and User Fields We provide over 20 different default fields (incl. T-shirt size, Emergency Phone etc.,). In addition to these fields, you may customize and create your own set of fields.
All-hands chat and email support Every customer can make use of GivePulse all-hands support. Our team, includes founders, support, developers that will be there for you.
Import another database into GivePulse
Embeddable List & Calendar Widget Customize which events and opportunities to display, create multiple versions of various widgets.
Grouping: Users, Clubs, Teams Create any number of subgroups within your parent organization and assign or allow users to self select.
Impact (Time and Outcome) Tracking Track volunteer time and have the hours automatically tied to specific events, opportunities, shifts, or tasks.
Manage Reflections Enable volunteers to story-tell and share their experience.
Automated Emails Confirmation and Notification Reminders go out 7 days, 54 hours, and then 24 hours before the event). In addition, you may add a customized survey as a followup.
Group Reservations Reserve or Lock specific shifts and events to large groups. You may also hide and share private urls of the events.
Membership Management Oversee the various different roles (including role based access) in your group or network. Roles include but not limited to Administrators, Event Managers, Signin attendants etc.,
Document Management Upload documents and make specific ones private or public to your members. When managing users, you may also upload documents that are related to the user record.
Message Lists Management Create lists of people in your organization and be able to mass communicate with them.
Impact (Hours) Verification Verify hours and have a dialogue on the impact.
Internal Messaging System Message and communicate with all volunteers, specific volunteers with labels, to your whole group, to specific subgroups, per event, per shift, or a little of a mix of all of them.
Data Import/Export All data about your group and event may be exported. If there was data that you wanted to import, e.g., volunteer contacts, you may easily import this through our services.
Affiliate with Community Partners Provide a formal handshake displaying your partnership with specific groups. e.g., A city's Parks and Recreation Department would be affiliated with the Park Foundation. Another example would be a university wanting to partner with a nonprofit. These partnerships allow many abilities e.g., sharing and displaying opportunities on each other's pages, sharing of data etc.
Curate and Manage Wall Posts
Dashboard There are 2 dashboards: a user dashboard and events dashboard. These dashboards give a great overview of everything related to you and events you oversee.
GivePulse Web API

Our clients include universities, non-profits, social-groups, businesses, festivals and much more...

Academic Features

Curate Opportunities

Select, create and/or filter opportunities for your group, department and class

GivePulse - Curate and select opportunities and events
Manage and have a dialogue on Reflections and Outcomes

Review the collection of reflections and outcomes and have a conversation on them

GivePulse - View and comment on student reflections
Manage Service Hours and Verify them

Allow students to track their hours and for you to manage them in one place

GivePulse - Showing admin view of editing and verifying hours
Engagement Database

Manage and view service interactions in the community and information about classes and students

GivePulse - Oversee all student impacts and summaries to the community
Create classes and oversee clubs, departments, teams

Manage a community and tailor classes and groups you need for reporting purposes

GivePulse - Ability to create and oversee service learning classes
Custom fields and surveys on impacts

Customize the feedback and reflections loop to the course topic or request reflections when students volunteer

GivePulse - Create custom fields for students to fill out
Branded Experience

White-label and brand your portal and emails/notifications

GivePulse - Branded white-label experience look and feel
Create groups within your campus(es)

Manage a community of departments, teams and groups you need

GivePulse - Ability to create and oversee departments and teams
Reporting & Insights

Insights and reporting specific initiatives, projects and efforts

GivePulse - View insights and pull up a report on your initiatives
Calendar Scheduling/Registration

Let Ongoing volunteers schedule or register themselves in a defined set of dates or open calendar

Branded white-label experience look and feel
Collect metrics and data on goals

Collaborate with community partners, approve and edit submitted projects, events and opportunities

Review all your data in a dashboard and collect further metrics and outputs
Check Volunteers in Digitally

Digitally check in volunteers on your laptop or mobile device (we also support iOS)

Digitally check volunteers in with your phone or any device

Common Questions

Need further customizations?

We make certain customizations to our platform on a case by case basis. Please contact us about this.

For example, we integrate with databases like Raiser's Edge, E-tapetry, Salesforce and Sugar CRM. We strongly advise you to review what we have out-of-the-box before you request us to integrate your data with these databases.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. All plans are billed monthly or yearly and you can cancel or downgrade at any time. If you cancel, you’ll only be charged for the current billing period.

Can I pay annually?

Yes. This will help save billing and processing time. We can also offer some form of discount. Either way, you can make one time payments to cover six months, one year or more. Tell us how to make it easy for you to help us encourage volunteerism.

Do I need to choose a plan now?

There are 30 day trials and free services. As your needs increase, you may select the package that best fits your needs. Feel free to contact us.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for the free version?

No. We want you to have the free version of GivePulse without any risk of getting charged. Let's encourage volunteerism together! For more information contact us then.

What is defined as a Non-Profit?

Non-Profits are organizations that are official and current 501c(3)'s. We currently only offer discounted pricing for 501c(3)'s Non-For-Profit organizations.

Are you able to export data?

All data may be exported in our premium plans. Those with the premium plans are able to use our advanced reporting engine. In an effort to streamline your management of members and volunteers, we exposed a way for you to leverage our messaging platform without the need to export and merge contact information into different databases. For further questions on this please contact us.

Are you able to import or migrate data?

We offer a few ways for you to import your own data. In the case the data is complex and includes different schemas, our premium plans allow our team to work with you to migrate that data over seamlessly.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Purchase Orders and Checks.

Do you offer White-Labeling?

Yes. By White-Labeling GivePulse, your members and users will see your brand instead of the GivePulse brand. To see the white-label in action please view: University of Texas. To hear more, contact us.

Note: If you are not a University of Texas member, user or student you will not see the full white-label in effect.

Do you offer Domain Masking and SSL cert management?

Yes. By domain masking, our URL is replaced with your domain. To see this in action please view: United Way Denver. To hear more, contact us.

Do departments or subgroups in a parent group have to pay?

Subgroups and departments in a enterprise plan do not have to pay.