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September 29, 2015

Early Learning Readiness Program

Early Learning Readiness Program

DateTuesday, September 29th, 2015 - (Multiple Shifts)
AddressThere are multiple locations. The address listed is for the corporate office., 3208 Red River St Suite 100, Austin, TX 78705
Number of Registrants0 out of 5
Registration OpensJune 26, 2015 at 5:11pm
Registration ClosesSeptember 29, 2015 at 11:00am or or when space runs out.
ShiftsMutliple shifts associated with this date. See below for details
Event Description

The Early Learning Readiness program approaches education and families from the understanding that all adults want their children to succeed. Given that understand we are mindful that most low-income families with a need for early learning programing usually have varying educational backgrounds and also maybe far removed from the current education system prerequisites.  Our 15 week program gathers twice a week for two hours in a formatted classroom environment where both child and caregiver is engaged. We engaged highly skilled instructional staff with a background in education to facilitate our programs while ensuring that our caregivers learn the skills needed to guide their child to school success. In our classroom we begin by making our caregivers the primary teacher, but with the caveat that their child is the leader in the classroom. Child lead play is designed to make adults stop and follow their child, through this exercise parents become more attune to their child’s wants and needs thus ensuring they can find ways to make learning fun and easy for their child.

 Our Early Learning Readiness program focuses on teaching adults to stop and engage with their child in the activities they are drawn to while also giving them the tools to make a simple activities a learning opportunity for both adult and child.  This learning is facilitated through an intentional curriculum that provides weekly activities to ignite questions, play and imagination. All keys to a child’s success! 

Volunteers assist the YMCA in updating the current 15 week curriculum to continually adjust to the ever changing education requirements for preschoolers.  Volunteer also engaged in teaching the 15 week program which is offered in 3 locations across the city.

The classroom activities employee the use of 13 interest centers (Math, Science, Block Play, Listening/Library Center, Gross Motor, Indoor Art, Dramatic Play, Infant/Toddler, Play Dough, Puzzles, Snack/Cooking and Writing) to achieve our program outcomes.  Each classroom is structured in the following format to ensure children begin to learn classroom routines:

YMCA of Austin Early Learning Readiness goals are to

1.            To provide young children from vulnerable and low income communities with intentional, developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive learning experiences and to instill in the children the love of and quest for lifelong learning.

2.            Provide caregivers with information, resources, support and connections to promote optimal development of the children in their care; increase caregivers’ understanding of the critical role they play in the development and school success for the children in their care.

3.            Strengthen families; nurture the bond between caregiver and child; build connections, friendships and a circle of mutual support among people who care for children.

4.            Increase program impact and reach through partnerships with other community organizations/agencies and by providing entry points/referrals for needed health and social services.

5.            Assess, analyze and quantify the program’s impact on children and caregivers, using this analysis as the basis for continual program improvement.

Location: There are multiple locations. The address listed is for the corporate office., 3208 Red River St Suite 100, Austin, TX 78705

Each date has the following shifts

ELR Shifts 9:00AM11:00AMYMCA of Austin is looking for volunteers to help with their Early Learning Readiness program. Volunteers would help update curriculum for the free 15 week program geared toward low-income families with children age 0-5years old. This program follows a unique model aimed at assisting caregivers in becoming their child’s first teacher and veteran education professionals are highly needed. Please call the YMCA at 512.236.9622. Or visit to learn more. 0/5Over


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