Resource Management

Provide a central location to provide access to documents, videos, infographics, and more to support your community and be able to amplify, track and understand it's impact


The resource capability allows you to provide and track access to documents, videos, infographics, and more to support your community

  • Create a repository of available resources for your community
    With Resources, you can upload documents, PDFs, videos, and more, creating a repository of helpful resources for your community. You can add pertinent information to the description of each resource to help users find the resources they need
  • Assess and collect data from users
    When you upload a resource, you can add specific questions that users will need to answer in order to access this resource, allowing you to gather any pertinent information and data. This could include information about why this user chose to access the resource, how the resource will benefit them, and how they are affiliated with your organization
  • Track who has accessed these resources
    The GivePulse system automatically tracks who has accessed each resource. From the Management page for a resource, you can view when each user first accessed a resource, the date of their most recent access, and the total number of times the user accessed this resource

Data Collection, Analysis & Fulfillment

A process to determine and address the needs or gaps between current conditions and desired conditions. On GivePulse admins are able to capture perceived, expressed, absolute and relative needs and act on addressing them.

  • Defined
    Community Needs Assessment identifies the strengths and resources available in the community to meet the needs of the clients, region, and community members
  • Data Collection
    Data collection capabilities allow you to import normalized data or to gather data via surveys and various tools provided within the GivePulse platform
  • Assessment
    For further information you can go here


Collect and track all your data in one single place

  • All-in-one
    From event data and volunteer applications, to hours and attendance, we help aggregate and bring all the data together for you to review
  • Data Collection
    Configure the database to include additional variables and columns to track metrics and data you want from an administrative standpoint
  • Reporting
    Organize all data related to your volunteers and create, review and export reports to determine where volunteers are in the application process, how active they are, who the most active is, etc.,


Insights aggregate all the data and engagement of your group to be analyzed and visualized. You can also compare the data with one or many groups within your network.

  • Aggregation of Data
    Data is automatically pulled for your reporting purposes. Getting the data in a CSV or Excel format is always helpful. But with Insights, alongside our report engine, you are able to access and see this data visually in real time
  • Comparing Multiple Groups
    When you have a network of groups and databases within GivePulse, there are many instances in which you need to compare one group of data to another. Insights allow you to compare one or many groups visually from a single dashboard

Search for remote, virtual, or pro bono projects and opportunities on GivePulse

We provide a clearinghouse of virtual and remote opportunities for individuals and groups to find project-based opportunities, activities and tasks. Users are able to search, sort and filter through the various opportunities.

  • Searching
    You can navigate to the Get Involved search page, which allows you to input search criteria in order to narrow the opportunities that populate. From the GivePulse search page, you can filter by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), causes, skills and other criteria to refine the search.
  • Filtering
    On the Get Involved search page, you can filter by emergencies, causes, skills, SDGs, availability, timeframes, and more. Administrators can also add metadata, provide further description and context, and improve search keywords.
  • Quick Link
    For a general search, you can go here. For opportunities related to COVID-19 response you can navigate to COVID-19 Search. For emergencies, you can go to Emergencies. For virtual/remote projects and opportunities you can go to Virtual Search. Be it a virtual opportunity, an emergency related taskforce or an opportunity to apply your skills pro bono, opportunities are available through this search. For opportunities that you can't find, please contact us via our For administrators of nonprofits, please list your opportunity here