Collaboration with Salesforce

Streamlining the volunteer experience by integrating with Salesforce

What we both do

GivePulse is a platform to track, assess and manage all community engagement activity (for nonprofits, much of this revolves around organizing of volunteer or constituent experiences). Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to help organizations manage their client relationships (for nonprofits, this can be their relationships with volunteers and donors). Together we can help each other's organizations, providing a streamlined experience to manage and cultivate volunteers and donors while synchronizing important data for reporting and communication purposes.

  • GivePulse
    Provides a platform to schedule, track and coordinate volunteer experiences in any form factor (mobile, tablet and desktop). Volunteer directors, coordinators and managers can schedule, track and communicate with volunteers on the go via our mobile downloadable apps, and can easily run reports on their programs.
  • Salesforce
    Provides a CRM for small and large NPOs to organize and manage the relationships of their donors and volunteers.
  • Together
    We are integrating our services so that NPOs can leverage the benefits of Salesforce and GivePulse together seamlessly. Our clients will benefit from the ability to synchronize the data captured on GivePulse with the Salesforce CRM platform to help with reporting and communication, as well as to ensure that analysis of donors and volunteers is accurate.

How we are collaborating

GivePulse is a platform that can integrate with many systems and applications. We choose to collaborate with Salesforce to immediately scale the work of their community of national and local nonprofits, particularly for volunteer management, scheduling and communication.

  • COVID-19 Response
    Due to COVID-19, GivePulse and Salesforce are identifying ways to help alleviate newfound burdens and pressure points for their partners in these difficult times. As of right now, both GivePulse and Salesforce will absorb the data synchronization package. We hope that this will allow our partners to explore this opportunity and continue their critical work.
  • Salesforce User (+1 Subscription)
    To enable the GivePulse + Salesforce integration to happen, Salesforce is offering an additional subscription (user) for the nonprofit using Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This means that any NPO who wants to use both GivePulse and Salesforce will be given 1 + 10 = 11 "Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition" subscriptions (users).
  • Data Synchronization & Integration
    Having the above additional subscription will then allow GivePulse and Salesforce to integrate via Volunteers for Salesforce (as offered by AppExchange) or separately via GivePulse's data synchronization of custom fields.