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Kitten Palooza

Fungal Jungle Room - Team Lead

Shift Details

Shift NameFungal Jungle Room - Team Lead
Shift Organizer
Magan Gonzales
The Fungal Jungle Room Team Lead is an approved team leader who has experience handling cats and kittens with ringworm. The Fungal Jungle Room Team Lead should be an experienced ringworm foster, or a volunteer who has spent a great deal of time assisting at adoption events or foster clinics and feels comfortable discussing ringworm treatments with adopters.

- Ensure volunteers understand how to help potential adopters
- Teach volunteers the ins and outs of ringworm
- Ensure everyone is using hand sanitizer
- Ensure potential adopters understand the risk of exposure
- Ensure everyone is safely handling cats and kittens
- Maintain a positive attitude
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Date & TimeSat, Jul 20, 2019 8:00am - 3:00pm
St. John Catholic Church
800 W. Baker Rd.
Baytown, TX 77521

Location: St. John Catholic Church, 800 W. Baker Rd., Baytown, TX 77521


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