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Group Image Community-Engaged Alliance
Strengthening Campus & Community Election Engagement

This funding opportunity supports nonpartisan efforts to engage students and community in the 2024 elections through on- and off-campus strategies to improve election education, voter participation, civic education, and civil dialogue. 

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Co-Investigator Information

Please list additional co-investigators name, title, organization, email address, and phone number here.

Project Overview

Max : 1500
Anticipated project start dates should be at least 42 days from the application deadline.

Project Details

Please use evidence and in-text citations when necessary.

What problem or issue is the project intended to address? How was the problem or issue identified? What do you believe to be true about the identified problem or issue?
What are the core activities of this project? How will each of these activities logically contribute to the ultimate goal? What are the underlying reasons for the way this project was designed? Are there community partners? Who else are considered participants and what role do these participants play? What potential risks and challenges does the project face? Have you identified strategies to mitigate these risks?
Please begin by explaining, in the simplest terms possible, what you hope to achieve with this project. How will achieving your goals represent progress toward the identified problem or issue? What quantifiable or observable outputs will your core activities produce? How will progress be assessed? What data will be collected and how will it be analyzed? How will this project impact student learning?
How do you plan to share the knowledge you gained or created through this project? Do you plan to publish research results? If so, where? Do you plan to present at a conference? If so, what conference? How will you get the findings of your project in front of the most relevant and broadest audiences?
Chronologically detail the project plan month-by-month. Be sure to include when funds will be spent. Bullet points or numbered lists are acceptable.
How was this project designed with sustainability in mind? More specifically, how do you plan to generate the financial support, institutional support, and community engagement needed to sustain the project? How does the design of this project encourage reciprocity for students, faculty, community partners, and other stakeholders?