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Into the Fields Sponsor Application: Part B

After completing Part A of the Into the Fields Sponsor Application, please fill out the Organizational Requests portion of the application Part B.This section is internal and will NOT be shared with SAF interns. This Sponsor Application is due on November 18, 2022.

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SAF depends on contributions of Sponsoring Organizations to assist SAF in covering the costs for our work linking students and farmworkers. The total cost to SAF for an intern is $13,000. We request that sponsor organizations contribute the suggested minimum per intern based on your farmworker program budget. Please note that SAF interns are for legal purposes volunteers with their respective sponsoring organizations and thus are not required to follow guidelines or requirements that apply only to employees. They will be compensated by SAF.

(this is the suggested minimum per intern)
Please check all that apply:


The information included in this section will help SAF place a volunteer(s) with your organization that best fits your needs. Please answer each question based on your minimum needs.

Check all that apply. What background skills/experiences is an inter(s) required to have in order to work with your organization?

Please check only those that are necessary.

Please explain.
Please explain.