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When people ask me where I'm from, I proudly say Somerset!
Which is followed quickly by: "Where?"
It may just be a small city South of San Antonio, but we have a big heart!

Personally, I love reading and writing, and education! These things together influenced my passion to become a teacher... But I've always had my suspicions since a young age~!

Other than that, while I act kind of shy and standoffish, really I love to talk and meet new people. So if you see me around, feel free to come talk to me!

But ask about my hobbies and prepare for a full-on
... [more]

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Volunteer Night at Austin Creative Reuse
ULN '19

Julian gave to ULN '19

Gave 25.00 hours between Aug 15th and Aug 20th, 2016
Julian Kadolph

Julian @ St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Had the opportunity to prep food for, seat, and serve Irish Priests and Nuns. It was an interesting experience and I would likely do it again. I was able to put the skills I learned in my food services job to good use here!

Gave 4.00 hours on Mar 17, 2016 with ULN '19
ULN '19

Julian gave to ULN '19

Tasks were meaningful, yet important!

Gave 7.00 hours on Mar 5, 2016
Texas Tribune Festival

I got the chance to volunteer as a bouncer and as the tear-down crew for the Party on the Plaza.

Gave 4.00 hours on Oct 16, 2015 with LA101 Fall 2015, University Leadership Network
University Leadership Network

I had the opportunity to volunteer with the 2015 Moo-ve in group as part of our Leadership week. I was a learning experience, but was worth it all the same. I helped parents and students move their belongings to their dorms and welcomed them to UT! Ms. LT Robinson

Gave 5.50 hours on Aug 21, 2015 with ULN '19, Class 29270, LA101 Fall 2015, The University of Texas at Austin