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NUR 204 - Trends in Nursing - WEB - Panagiotes

I volunteered my time assisting in the Nurse's Office at Waterford Elementary School. I did some filing of health forms for the upcoming school year, re-organized closets full of spare clothes that children borrow when they've gotten wet or dirty, went through the medicine cabinet to dispose of expired meds (some of which I had to drop at the police station/ a needle dropbox at the community health center), and I participated in the assessments of children who came into the office. It was interesting to learn about the unique challenges that these school nurses have to sort out. I was impressed with how they kept track of the unique preferences of the many parents and families involved. Some parents have a "please keep my child in school unless it is an absolute emergency" philosophy and others are more of the "call me if she even looks ill" persuasion. There were also various challenging behaviors from the students that the nurses dealt with compassionately and efficiently.

I also participated in a program called "Off Our Rockers" that took place in the mornings before school. The program encourages children to move around and get some exercise in by having them do laps around the gym to fun music, do a little group aerobics, and then divide up into small groups to hit balls, jump rope, and goof around. The children enjoyed the program and they definitely worked up a sweat!

Gave 12.00 hours between Mar 1st and Mar 15th, 2017
Student Nurses Association