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MWCC ADN Days RN Class of 2017



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Trends in Nursing (204)

There was a community concert held in the 2West community room. At 5:30 we gathered residents from their rooms and brought them to the concert. The concert went from 6 to 7pm. During this time we checked on residents to make sure they were comfortable and enjoying the concert. After the concert we returned residents to their rooms. From 7:15 to 8 we chose a book and read to a resident in their room one-on-one.

Gave 2.50 Hours on Mar 14, 2018
Trends in Nursing (204)

I volunteered in the activities department. I worked with residents on the 2West floor, in their community room. There were approximately 10 residents who took part in these activities. Our project we worked on was decorations for a spring theme for the community room wall. The residents took part in the activities with one to one hand over hand assist. Other residents were able to take part with the use of a VOD (Voice on Device) switch, by moving their head or hand. I moved from resident to resident and assisted them with their goals for this activity. It was a good experience to see what these residents did during their leisure time.

Gave 3.00 Hours on Mar 12, 2018
Student Nurses Association

Had a great time at the Athol Middle School Health Fair as a MWCC student nurse. The kids were very polite and seemed really engaged in learning about our group's presentation regarding Opioid Abuse.

Gave 20.00 Hours on Apr 29, 2016