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Building Restoration and Campus Clean-Up

Today we repackaged diapers, sorted them, and labeled them--- 4 months worth! We sorted through donation boxes, and did some light cleaning too. The other volunteers and I became really good friends and are hoping to volunteer again together soon!

Gave 3.00 hours on 04/22/2017
Building Restoration and Campus Clean-Up

Today, the weather was perfect for working out in the garden! We shoveled out walking paths between the garden rows, and cleared some brush out of the yard. We also sorted through donated clothes. As always, I met new people and we even took a fun popsicle break!

Gave 3.00 hours on 02/18/2017 with The Northwest Project
Drew Lewis Foundation @ The Fairbanks

It was the first time I participated in the Thursday night dinners, and it was a great time! We helped package produce, made dessert, and served it. Everyone seemed really impressed with our hard work. All the workers were friendly and all the guests had smiling faces and happy bellies:) I also helped with childcare, which was fun, since all we did was play and do art!

Gave 3.50 hours on 02/02/2017 with The Northwest Project
Building Restoration and Campus Clean-Up

Typically, work like sweeping and paint-chipping do not sound the most appealing, BUT I really dig it because the environment is so positive! Ever time I go, I meet someone new, and that makes the experience even better. I'm proud to know that we are making a significant impact in the community while enjoying ourselves.

Gave 3.00 hours on 11/19/2016
Grant Beach Neighborhood Clean-up

I enjoyed doing some physical work while loading brush and scraps with other volunteers. I had a chance to get to know them and some of the residents from Grant Beach. I appreciated the team effort that was put into cleaning up the neighborhood!

Gave 4.00 hours on 11/12/2016
Freaky Fairbanks: Haunted Tours

Tonight was a great time because we had a lot of guests come through the haunted house. I would have been scared had I not known where everything was! It was fun and I enjoyed seeing the good times the guests had while going though. We had some good scares! I also had a chance to meet other volunteers and work with them throughout the night, which was cool.

Gave 3.25 hours between 10/29/2016 and 10/30/2016
Freaky Fairbanks: Haunted Tours

I had a great time dressing up and scaring people that went through the haunted basement. I was able to connect with the other volunteers and have fun while doing it. It was a good team effort and I had a good time.

Gave 3.25 hours between 10/28/2016 and 10/29/2016
Building Restoration and Campus Clean-Up

It was interesting to see the building and help clean and clear out things for the haunted house. I enjoyed starting to decorate for it and getting to know some of the other volunteers too!

Gave 3.00 hours on 10/15/2016