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This impact is private

Kids in the Community (KIC) Camp

KIC camp was one of my favorite parts of POSP. The entire experience was amazing. I ran the collaboration station with Joe and we both had a great time learning what worked best with the kids and making sure everyone was having a good time. It was always more than just the games, though. In each kid, we could see if they were enjoying themselves or not, and we tried to reach out and comfort those who seemed to be upset or isolate themselves. The freshmen counselors were also a great help in getting the kids involved and making sure they were okay. Even kids who protested doing anything when they heard what the activity would be eventually joined in after seeing the fun the others were having. The component of teamwork was also seen in all of the kids as they helped each other out. The field trip was also really fun and the kids were able to play more games with each other and the counselors. I also found new leadership qualities in myself that I had not been aware of before, and feel like I played a valuable part of many of the kids' days. KIC was honestly an amazing experience, and I would love to be a part of it again. It was a great way to get involved in the community. I wasn't in KIC prior years, but I think that the change in schedule was actually pretty beneficial, at least for the Collaboration Station. Our activities worked best when the two teams were a little bit bigger, and having to only run the station twice allowed my partner and I to not run out of energy and also to visit other stations. The whole camp itself worked out pretty smoothly, in my opinion, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Gave 54.00 hours between Aug 20th and Aug 22nd, 2018 with America Reads*Counts, Lafayette College, Landis Center, MOSAIC - Making Our Society an Inclusive Community, Student Leadership, Sustainability

This impact is private

Lafapalooza 2017