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Undergraduate at UNR double majoring in anthropology and international affairs at the moment.



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Martin Luther King Day of Service

There wasn't that many of us going to the SPCA for the afternoon shift; Mack (the man helping us at the SPCA) told us that the morning group had 20 volunteers. We still took on the challenge of meeting expectations and surpassing them when it came to helping out. We worked really well with one another and made a lot of progress in helping them arrange for the new opportunity of raising money for the cause. The whole cause actually reaches out farther than we expected and it felt like there was still so much more to do once our time was done. I learned that they take volunteers at any given time and so I'm already making plans to put in more time at the thrift store when I can.

Gave 5.00 hours on 01/15/2018 with ASUN / Center for Student Engagement, iLeadNevada
Christmas Tree Recycling @ Rancho San Rafael

The morning group was full of wonderful people who were really upbeat and kind. The day was pretty slow overall but we managed to still get quite a few trees and help spread the word about how to recycle and our plans for next year as the location would be moving.

Gave 4.00 hours on 01/05/2018 with University of Nevada, Reno
Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless Veterans

Everyone was extremely kind and the atmosphere was very friendly. The whole time that I was there nothing went amiss and the overall day went smoothly. I was surprised at the number of veterans who came to the meal and it made me more aware of how much help they may need.

Gave 2.00 hours on 11/17/2017 with University of Nevada, Reno
Shelter Clean Up Day
Opening Weekend Day of Service