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YRCC Internships

Monday 4.20.2020
Tenisha set up a meeting with the NWA Arkansas Advocate chapter director via Zoom for me to learn more about policy and how it affects social work practice. Along with what Arkansas Advocates are currently doing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thursday 4.23.2020
On Thursday, I was able to work on my portfolio abstracts and have those completed for my Final Evaluation on Friday with Tenisha. Along with printing any more work for my portfolio. I also had a meeting with Dr. Valandra for supervision where I was able to ask her questions in regards to licensing and future career questions.

Friday 4.24.2020
I had my exit evaluation with Tenisha.

(I added in my extra hours for supervision that I missed)

Gave 29.00 hours between 04/20/2020 and 04/24/2020 with University of Arkansas, Registered Student Organizations
YRCC Internships

- On Tuesday I attended and took meeting minutes for the Friends of the YRCC board meeting.
- On Wednesday I typed up the minutes from the FOYRCC board meeting into the format that is liked by the president of the board, I sent in those minutes to Tenisha. I worked on my portfolio, printing out all the presentations, certificates, resume, etc. and putting it into sheet protectors in a binder.
- On Thursday I starting working on revamping my Resume to be more colorful and professional for my portfolio, I just need to add a headshot and it will be complete. I had a thirty-minute meeting with Dr. Valandra for supervision. I then made changes to the April minutes from Tenisha’s review and sent those back to her. I also made changes based on her comments on my webinar presentation and that is a work in progress. For two hours I had a meeting with Tenisha about what I have completed and what is left for me to make changes on and turn in.
- On Friday, I used this time to work on my webinar presentation, make changes on my logic model and survey based on what Tenisha had comments on. I was also able to work on my transportation proposal based on the email received from Bryttni. At the end of the day, I sent over the completed work to Tenisha for review and approval.

Gave 11.00 hours between 04/14/2020 and 04/17/2020 with University of Arkansas, Registered Student Organizations
YRCC Internships

- On Wednesday, I started with re-completing my logic model and watching the videos / reading the articles provided for me on my google classroom by Tenisha. I was able to finish that and turn it into Tenisha this day. I continued my work on the Summer Transportation Proposal, on Friday I had received an email from Bryttni answering some of the questions I had in order to write the proposal well. This helped with getting started and I emailed her with a few more in regards to quotes given by transportation companies.
- On Thursday, I had my supervision this morning and we talked about my continued response to COVID-19 and what that looks like in working with my internship. Along with if I have continued at the YRCC after meeting internship hours. I have worked more on the Summer Transportation Proposal with fine-tuning some of the parts that I had done for it. I also continued my work of the presentation on how to create a webinar for the YRCC, focusing on what Tenisha commented on.
- On Friday, I had worked on my presentation in the morning before my meeting with Tenisha and read a few articles on the Arkansas Advocates website about policy. I had my online meeting with Tenisha for a little under an hour, we just talked about updates in regards to the internship and if I had any questions moving forward with projects. After I worked on redoing some parts of the presentation and utilizing the resources sent to me by Tenisha in order to better my presentation.

Gave 10.00 hours between 04/08/2020 and 04/10/2020
YRCC Internships

- On Thursday, I continued my work with the webinar presentation, this included research for the information and formatting it into the presentation. I had my first phone call meeting with my supervisor for supervision for 30-45 minutes. I was able to gather a little information on the summer transportation proposal as well. I finished up working on the volunteer survey to send over to Tenisha on Friday.
-On Friday, I finished up the presentation to turn in my first rough draft that afternoon to Tenisha. Tenisha and I had a meeting for 1.5 hours about what this internship is to look like moving forward and my feelings to the sudden end of on-site work for school and my internship. After this meeting, I emailed a meeting recap with tasks for both of us for the next weeks. I was able to send over my logic model, survey, and 1st rough draft of the presentation on Friday after the meeting as well.

Gave 8.00 hours between 03/19/2020 and 03/20/2020
YRCC Internships

- On Tuesday I focused on looking over the email in regards to what my internship will look like for the rest of the semester. I researched food pantries, restaurants with free kids meals, and where Fayetteville busses are delivering food during this time of kids being out of school. I started to do some research for the webinar presentation and how to complete a logic model.
- Wednesday I completed the logic model using the Easter Egg Hunt as my example and resources to understand how to complete one. I sent out an email to the SLP students in regards to the status of the YRCC and Easter Egg Hunt for Spring 2020. I started creating the presentation for webinars, I have completed the first two sections. I researched how to best make an evaluating survey for volunteers and interns that have been involved with the Kid's Nite afterschool program.

Gave 6.00 hours between 03/17/2020 and 03/18/2020
YRCC Internships

- I typed up the board meeting minutes in the morning and sent them to Tenisha for approval and changes
- I spoke with Bryttni about potentially moving our community connections meeting to an online platform and how that might change the goals of the meeting. Along with if the YRCC could make a larger impact with an online platform by reaching stakeholders outside of NWA.
- Today for the Kids Nite program we took the kids outside for 30 minutes before reading time since it was nice out. We read for 30 minutes followed by STEM activities, for the younger kids we had them play an age-appropriate coding game on the computer and the older kids had engineering students come to do an activity with them. Afterward, we had about 45 minutes of free time before a rental started and moving the kids into the computer lab for educational free play.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/11/2020
YRCC Internships

- I attended the Friends of YRCC Board meeting and took meeting minutes for the board
- I also had an informal meeting with Bryttni and a board member about the community connections meeting as well and some of the vision/goals we have for the meeting.

Gave 4.00 hours on 03/10/2020
YRCC Internships

- I came in and started to work on getting inventory on what the YRCC has for the Easter Egg Hunt booths given by the SLP students. I sent an email to the students with what the YRCC has, what is still needed, and how to go about acquiring the needed items. Along with how to ask for donations. One of the students came to look at what we have and pick up the donor packets and flyers to place around southeast Fayetteville.
- Tenisha and I had a one on one meeting this morning about my midterm meeting, what I am want to learn more about and grow in, what I can do to get the most out of my internship with the last 8 weeks, and how to go about doing those things in the rest of my time here.
- For the Kid's Nite program today the kids were in trouble so we had no free time and went into 30 minutes of reading after snack. The field trip was canceled due to behavior at the beginning of the week. After the younger kids were able to have educational computer time and the older kids could play a board game, step-by-step drawing, or lego building. Towards the end due to good behavior, they were able to play soccer and then when the rental came we had the kids move into the computer lab.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/06/2020
YRCC Internships

- I came in and continued working on the Community Connections lists of guests, nonprofits, and potential flyer locations in Fayetteville.
- I created a flyer for the easter egg hunt that the YRCC is putting and sent out an email to the SLP students to see where they are at with the easter egg hunt. I also let them know about the flyer and packets that I have made them.
- I had my midterm meeting this afternoon, where I was the leader of the meeting with all three of my internship supervisors. In this meeting, I gave an overview of the professional development that I was focusing on, my competencies that have been completed, what is in progress, and what has not been touched. I also told some of the stories that I found in relation to social work practice.
- During kid's night, we had a STEM activity where we played with legos and had the kids build houses or abstract buildings. After, the kids put together a game of kickball before computer lab time and the rental came in.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/04/2020
YRCC Internships

- I came into the center and started working on correcting my cover letter after having a family friend look it over, I also started working on my lists for the Community Connections meeting using the resource binder that the YRCC already has put together.
- Tenisha and I had a one-on-one, going over what has happened this past week and how I was feeling in regards to working on the Community Connections meeting and NWA Gives after talking with Bryttni on Wednesday.
- I sent out an email to the SLP Social Work students to follow up with the Easter Egg hunt
- Once the Kid's Nite program started we gave the kids snacks and let them have free play before taking them Wilson Park today where we spent about an hour. Once we got back to the YRCC we let the kids have free play again until a rental came and then we moved them into the computer lab.

Gave 8.00 hours on 02/28/2020