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Trinity University

I volunteered with the Senior Games this weekend, and I had an amazing time. I worked with their cycling event on Sunday, and I helped direct traffic and worked with other volunteers to make sure everything ran smoothly. It was cold but I had a fun time helping the participants and the Senior Games.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/31/2019 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Sport Management (3308) - Section 1
Volleyball Volunteers for the Texas Senior Games 2019

I helped referee games during the Senior Games this weekend. I was able to help make sure the games ran on time, while also helping referee various games throughout the day. It was well organized and I had a fun time working. I plan on going back to work very soon.

Gave 8.00 hours on 03/30/2019 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Sport Management (3308) - Section 1, Trinity University
Give Back Saturday
Peyton Brown

Peyton @ Senior Games

I was given the opportunity to volunteer at an event for the Senior Games. I managed the clock during a Women's Three on Three tournament, which was amazing to watch. I have never to an athletic event specifically held for seniors, so it was very eye-opening. Everyone was fun to be around and the tournament had no problems. Highly recommended other people work for the Senior Games too.

Gave 5.00 hours on 01/19/2019 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Trinity University
Trinity University

I worked and helped manage the Naismith Award Ceremony, in which I helped set up tables and banners, and also prepared and over the awards for the players and coaches. I helped sign in all visitors and guests, while also walking around and talking with various guests to make sure they were not having any difficulties. After the event, I was tasked with cleaning the event and fixing anything that had been changed or messed up. This event helped me because I was able to work on my public communication skills as I talked with various legends and players. The event went smoothly and I would love to work with the Naismith group again in the future.

Gave 6.00 hours on 04/01/2018 with Community Service Experience (3000) - Section 1
Trinity University

I was able to apart and help set up of the Legends Of The Hardwood Breakfast. At the event, I was tasked with setting up tables and chairs for the breakfast, while also preparing the ticket machines for the eventual guest arrival. I was the team leader for the ticket scanners, and we scanned and fixed any problems concerning tickets for the event. After, I cleaned up the tables and ticket machines. Lastly, I was tasked with logging in and filing all of the cards that where given to every table, in which guests wrote down what they liked and didn't like about the event.

Gave 5.50 hours on 03/31/2018 with Community Service Experience (3000) - Section 1

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