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    Center for Civic Engagement

    As of now, I have enjoyed my experience as a member of the Financial Literacy Team. We are currently coming-up with ideas as to what would be the best way to effectively go out in to the community and rely information about the upcoming tax season. The atmosphere of this team is comfortable, productive, and positive. Our ultimate goal is to regain the trust of the Hispanic/Latino community with how the United States handles banking, credit, and taxes.

    Gave 12.00 hours between 10/22/2018 and 12/02/2018 with University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    My experience with Lighthouse was good while it lasted. I helped out in the kitchen and cleaned around the house. I also hung out with the kids whenever the work in the kitchen was done. Unfortunately, I had to leave Lighthouse early due to transportation issues.

    Gave 8.00 hours between 09/25/2018 and 10/10/2018 with University of Nebraska-Lincoln