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Research on Facebook Ad Campaign
Started digging my head into creating a training guide for Social Media.
I tried recording a video for the training but it was really hard.
I will continue next week.

Gave 7.00 hours on 08/22/2019 with PI: PCC
GivePulse profile picture of Stefan Peierls Stefan Peierls  5 months ago
What made the training video hard? Was it not having the environment quiet still? Or was it technical issues? Do you think that the social media guide needs a video or would it be better off just with a document?
Passion Impact

Today, we accomplished a lot. I posted a tweet on Twitter to update my fellow GivePulse users on what volunteer events we did past few weeks.
I was working my butt off on navigating with one more of our social media--LinkedIn. It was so much harder than I anticipated. I was working on the first ever post and asked Stefan for advice. He explained the whole universe of Passion Impact growing sustainability on Social Media presence. Well, as much as I DON'T WANT to create a training guide; I think it is pretty much necessary for the people who come after to continue with the work we built here. SO, I will (consider) creating a guide or a PRO tip for people who manage the SM in the future.
Bao was working on the photo album and I helped with the descriptions. We made two versions after we decided the first one was not exciting enough, so we kept on improvising.
We finally posted the album and did some polishing, as usual, with the post by adding tags and mini-descriptions.
Then I cleared out my MeisterTask for a bit, wrote thank you notes to Duke and Mo, and I edited my blog as if I was editing someone else's blog. It works really well, honestly, I felt more efficient editing that way.

Gave 6.92 hours on 08/21/2019 with PI: PCC
GivePulse profile picture of Stefan Peierls Stefan Peierls  5 months ago
I love how you came to the conclusion that the training guide is a necessity for the students coming after you. What do you think will happen if you think like this in all of your future positions?
Passion Impact

After a long week without any office work time, Bao, Amy and I (Stefan) were in the office today at 9am for an intern meeting. We first did some improv activities as warm-ups, then we ran over the internship curriculum and see what we accomplished and what we are missing.
Then we went over our MeisterTasks and talked about habit-forming, which is (and would be) super helpful and efficient for our positions as interns.
I updated my google calendar, meistertasks, called Olivia and asked about the celebration tmrw, arrange and prepped for the thing tmrw.
We decided to redesign our display board to tailor it towards our internships and other things mostly the same for our tabling event.

Gave 4.42 hours on 08/19/2019 with PI: PCC

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Passion Impact

Most freshmen's parents are relatively more interested in volunteering with Passion Impact than the students themselves. I can see some freshmen are interested as well. but very soon I realized it might not be very accessible to the students (apparently they seemed way more interested when talking about HS clubs/ campus-based activities)
Anything that get the students engaged in school spirit-related involvement interests the freshmen.
Most of them are very willing to talk and hopefully there will be a good turnout for the High School club, gave them all a sticker to look for the PI HS club!

Gave 4.00 hours on 08/15/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

I don't like the Sophomore Reg Day anyhow particularly (except for the part that I teased Dania with her crush). The flow was slow and there weren't that many students walking by at all. I got to talk the SUN Program ppl and the nutrition service Canto-speaking auntie a bit and got to know her pretty well. Turned out I know her daughters and sons from volunteering at my church during VBS on June! lol!
The conversations were ok but most of them weren't deep. It was just whatever and next year
ONE intern per shift on Sophomore is enough.

Gave 3.75 hours between 08/14/2019 and 08/19/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Senior and Junior Reg day-- the CRLE tactics work very well coz they would be like..."what?" then stopped and asked.
I remember someone named Stella. She moved to Portland recently from Vancouver, WA. One of the huge reasons being how white Vancouver is. I talked to her about my experiences going to school in Franklin and how it was like for me to move from HK to PDX. That was one of the BEST convo I had in those three reg days and we connected very well since I easily felt empathy towards what she needs to face in this coming school year.
FIRST GOAL: Make a friend. it's how you make ppl feel that matters at the end right? that's what that stays.

**MeKha Grill House was so freaking chill and lovely and good and awesome! Good food + good environment!!

The ice-cream social was lovely. I love the way it was executed and I HAD A VERY INSPIRING CONVO w/ Joe, one of our regular Speaker Series Participants, a Vietnam War Veterans and former Security worker for 30 years.
SO MUCH wisdom from an old soul and I love listening to his perspective and experiences living through different generation.

Angi and Emma (the dog) were so sweet and we ended the 2019 Summer Speaker Series STRONG!!!

Gave 12.33 hours on 08/13/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Amy, Bao, and I came in and went to Franklin to look over the "Community Fair" location and did a little bit of prep work and time management for the REG DAY that comes 3 days in a roll.

Gave 2.00 hours on 08/12/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Amy, Dania and I planned to do the FHS Reg day meeting on Thursday. We all showed up at around 10am to start our meeting. Amy prepared a rough draft of the guide of canvassing that day and we discussed according to the agenda.
I decided to act as a mom and have Dania walked up and tried to talk about PI to me.
After that, I got a chance to talk to Sonia. She told me more about the setup of Franklin that day and showed me how the entire registration process is gonna look like on Tue, Wed and Thu.
I updated the whiteboard, gave some advice Dania on the press release,
then went through the pictures we have in the PI folder and created a new banner for Facebook and Twitter.

Gave 7.00 hours on 08/12/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

1) Final touch-up on the PI banner for FB and Twitter
2) Create a Ice Cream Social ver. Summer Speaker Series Banner
3) Create FB event and invite friends

Gave 1.50 hours on 08/09/2019