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Passion Impact

Amy, Dania and I planned to do the FHS Reg day meeting on Thursday. We all showed up at around 10am to start our meeting. Amy prepared a rough draft of the guide of canvassing that day and we discussed according to the agenda.
I decided to act as a mom and have Dania walked up and tried to talk about PI to me.
After that, I got a chance to talk to Sonia. She told me more about the setup of Franklin that day and showed me how the entire registration process is gonna look like on Tue, Wed and Thu.
I updated the whiteboard, gave some advice Dania on the press release,
then went through the pictures we have in the PI folder and created a new banner for Facebook and Twitter.

Gave 7.00 hours on 08/12/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

1) Final touch-up on the PI banner for FB and Twitter
2) Create a Ice Cream Social ver. Summer Speaker Series Banner
3) Create FB event and invite friends

Gave 1.50 hours on 08/09/2019
Passion Impact

This task has been on my MeisterTask for the longest time--Research volunteer events. I spent an hour on GivePulse to explore all events that are happening 10 miles from 97266. I screened out all the inaccessible one and FOUR events were left, shared them on slack with my fellow interns.
I then updated the Facebook live videos. Pastor Adam shared our video so I commented on his post as a sign of appreciation. Added title, descriptions, tags, locations, captions and thumbnail to those videos. I also shared the past three live stream to the event pages themselves to boost views, ppl reached and engagement.
Updated my MeisterTask and added a couple tasks for tmrw.
I finally got into the momentum of writing my blog! (Got out of it pretty fast as well) I first checked out what the other interns wrote then started my own. I was trying too hard to make my blog sounds like a WR 101 personal narrative which is great but unnecessary at the same time. I figured it would be kinda lengthy to start from the very beginning so I instead focused on what takes up the most amount of time at my work--Social media and graphic design.
Updated my LinkedIn a little bit and clear out my PR inbox.

Gave 6.00 hours on 08/07/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

I got to the office by 9am to get ready for the meeting at 9:30am. The interns learnt their lessons from last week and were prepared (MeisterTask and Google calendar). We went over the tasks we have for the following week and a couple of outreach events that we need to start planning for.
We talked about the Facebook Ad Campaign which was brought up and supported by Trevor last week. Bao, Amy and I were in the same group; we set our goal as having 10 ppl come out to get volunteer training.
After that, Casey came in with his luggage looking like a CAPTAIN and was hyped about giving us a training on Drone video-graphy. He was apparently super experienced in his field of work and I don't think I ever knew there was that much rules and regulations on drone flying.
The try-out session was amazing and I even got to play with his professional drone for a little bit. I liked how he talked about that "unique perspective" which no that many ppl are used to seeing things in those angles.
Right after Casey's training, we got trained from Brandon. We went back to Press Release and asked more personalized questions targeting our organization. Also, Brandon looked over our email canned response and gave a couple suggestions on it. BE CLEAR ABOUT OUR FOCUS.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 hour lunch break at PHO HUNG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I did the Facebook post and did phone jam. Then we started preparing for the panel just like we did in the past Tuesdays.
The turnout for the workshop was honestly not good. I don't quite know what went wrong. It might be because the topic, the Facebook Event (posted on Wednesday last time, but Thursday and Friday are better days to post)
We should invite our personal friends as just a hangout night for this coming Ice-Cream social event to boost the turnout.
Btw, the question session was kinda short and the structure of ytd panel made it hard for audiences to focus for a long period of time. Intermissions and questions after that (more like a CONVERSATION) would change and make it a lot better.

Gave 10.78 hours on 08/06/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

I did the reminder post for the Religious Diversity Panel on both Instagram and Facebook.
2pm on a Monday is not the best time to post apparently because there was only 2 likes after the post was posted for an hour and a half. HEART-BROKEN ;( So I deleted the post and re-posted that again at 3pm and we got an exponential growth on the amount of likes.
I made edits on the photo album that was published by Kamerin.
I updated my MeisterTask and Google Calendar to get ready for the meeting tmrw.

Gave 3.72 hours on 08/05/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Updated GivePulse.
Went over to Brandon's T-shirt studio, printed our shirts and recorded the whole process (for photo album and advertising purposes).
Created and published a reminder post on Facebook and Instagram for the Pan-African Event later that day.
Did a little research on when the best time to post is (increase engagement on social media) and did some more research on the Facebook campaign thing.
Urged Stefan on the check for Brandon, got our shirts! They turned out excellent! Spent some time on a new group photo (that includes Amy) with the PR t-shirts. Did a Yelp review for Brandon.
Prepared for the Pan-African Event. 1. chairs/ setting 2. Whiteboard 3. Music 4. Greeting.
We figured out ways (just in time) to make sure they don't feel awkward as they come in.
Superb insights from the Pan-African students and they are all ready to learn. Great experience and cross-cultural experience! The fact that I got to connect and communicate with them despite language barriers and cultural differences proved that it is only the matter of patience and humility whether if we can understand and accept people that are different from us (which includes political view, religious view, etc).

Gave 7.38 hours on 08/01/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

I spent majority of the morning brainstorming on my 1st blog rough draft. I came up with a couple topics that I think I'd have the strength to focus on and stick with from the beginning to end. I checked up with the social media content with Bao and Dania here and there for the Pan-African Event. I also gave some ideas Kamerin for the promo video.
At 12pm, we had a training with Trevor on Facebook ad campaign. Honestly, I think I've never heard of Facebook ad campaign nor Facebook business nor Facebook pixel. Trevor is a product marketing manager which is a title that I never heard of once again. The job that he worked and the way he explained marketing online is really eye-opening and dope. I don't think I've never know so much about the inner scoop of a business online. I'm super excited for the actual campaign that our teams are going to create and the prize!
In the afternoon, I worked on researching for examples of successful non-profits on social media and created the Facebook event for the workshop next week. I looked more closely into Buffer and there's some bugs that need to be fixed. Now in the app, I can't directly post to instagram which is weird and am still looking for ways to fix them and see if I can really do all the posts on Buffer alone.

Gave 8.00 hours on 07/31/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

We came in at 9am this morning except for Bao. Each and everyone us were working on our own tasks and we didn't pay attention to the time. So when 9:30am came, Stefan walked to our table with the coffee cup in his hand and yelled, "Are y'all READY?"(probably repeated 10+ times). Apparently, our sleepy and Tuesday morning body was still dragging our conscious mind around so none of us were ready. We were asked to step out and reflect on the HUGEST mistake that we had ever made.
Interns gathered in a circle and discussed when we are going to get back in. Meanwhile, Bao and Kam pulled out their phone and opened MeisterTask to attempt to start our meeting outdoor. Not long after, Stefan stepped out and asked us back in.
We understood we screwed up and need to come more prepare for the once per week team meeting as the meeting time comes.
After we went through what we had done this past week and what we are going to do this week, Stefan suggested something for us to explore/ play with.
I then did some touch-up on the T-shirt design and finalized the order. I sent Brandon the order and design; later we went to his office to iron down the design, color, and payment stuff.
I then put myself in the world of Buffer and tried to play with it to schedule post. I never used Twitter before so that's something new for me.
I did my first actual phone jam at 3pm on the couch. I called 7 students, 2/3 picked up, 1 (Betsy) seemed interested. I got coffee so that helped me with sounding excited. After that, I did follow-up email and text.

We started preparing for the workshop at 4:30pm. THE usual stuff, Angi and Emma got Chinese food take out which was kinda hard to serve but we got it down pretty well. We got a bunch of experience from the previous workshops so the setup was much faster and easier this time.
The workshop is pretty cool and I liked that how it retrieved my memory and knowledge from the "Abnormal Psychology" class I took in PCC back in Fall term 2018.

Gave 10.50 hours on 07/30/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Brandon (the T-shirt guy) was here at his office today so Bao and I went over to ask him about the t-shirt order. We first showed him the design we made and he responded that the design would work and we just need to change the color of the logo for him to make the screen. After discussing with Stefan about the T-shirt budget, we decided that Gildan is the way to go for our T-shirt and Brandon is kind enough to let us play around with the shirt color and gives us the choices between a men-shirt or women-shirt.
I then did a poll thingy in slack and asked the intern team about what they want.
Checked my payroll and realized where I screwed up which is good and bad at the same time. Good thing is that now I know where I did wrong (and I was once reminded how little about tax I know) ; bad thing is that I don't entirely know how to fix it.
I started working on the blog for a little bit and selected my 28 dedicated caller for the phone jam tmrw.
Cleaned up the instagram for a little bit.
Finally, I decided I should do the facebook announcement post for the workshop today and schedule it to post for tmrw so that it could potentially reach more people in the morning.

Gave 5.63 hours on 07/29/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

I told myself today is the last day that I'd allow myself to work on that T-shirt design because as much as I enjoyed the whole design process, I wanted to get it over with and move on to the other tasks I have as a PR intern.
First, I finalized the front logo (Oregon + Passion Impact). It was kinda basic what I drafted yesterday so I thought it would be a good idea to change it up a little bit. Thought about adding a Oregon tree but that's kinda much so I ended up putting two lines of heartbeat pulses to finish the front logo.
Then, I worked on the back logo (the large and fun part). Kam suggested that I can put together different translations of the word, "passion", in different languages and put them in the back.
Spent a ton of hours searching for the right translations and made sure that I wrote them correctly.
I started placing them in different shapes and patterns to see what would look cool.
I began experimenting with a heart shape but it didn't work well so I switched to a circle.
Looked like a globe at that point.
Tree on top I imagined it'd look cool.
Kam tried to do it and sparked up a little of my imagination.
The sketch takes thousands of tries to get it right though, especially for the tree shape. Once again, I was amazed by however living creatures were created. Man, so complex and so hard to imitate.
Finished the design! Thought of going next door but the guy wasn't here :( Maybe I can talk to him next Monday.
Published the Facebook event, edited the canva design a little bit, invited friends.
Phone jams, student list and blog writing next week omg!

Gave 7.50 hours on 07/25/2019 with PI: PCC