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Passion Impact

Yesterday, I came into the office knowing what I need to accomplish. I first fixed the Socioeconomic Workshop live post on Facebook. I discovered there is tag/ filter/ search in your community function for live video (didn't know that beforehand) which can possibly boost our post to people who haven't liked our page.
I also added tags (both hashtag and tag others) on the PR PI 1st photo album to increase engagements on the post. Successfully got more likes and engagement after that so it proved success.
I also updated the Google Calendar so everyone would now know what volunteer events are coming up on which week.
At 12pm, I posted the KBOO announcement video on instagram as a reminder (seemed like our podcast wasn't aired so that's unfortunate).
Took an hour break to have lunch with my friends.
Came back and found a better way to do the social media calendar. I will be the person who use the buffer app and all other interns would notify me through meistertask.
Continued on the T-shirt design. A little frustrated but it's ok. Good start and I got the ideas down.

Gave 7.00 hours on 07/24/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Yesterday, I came into the office expecting a regular Tuesday meeting but guess what, Amy and Stefan weren't here for the meeting. So the four of us just started going over our MeisterTask from last week and those for this coming week. At 11am, we had a social media training session with Brendan over Google Hangout. I feel like he is very experienced and educated in his profession and we all learnt a lot from him (need to extract my notes from the tablet).
After that, I spent most of my time playing with Kam's tablet/ pen and created a couple of rough drafts for the T-shirts design. And I continued to work on the throwback post for the workshop last Tuesday so I can post that on instagram as a reminder for the workshop yesterday. I posted at 3pm which might not be the best time. Next time if I were to post a reminder, around 12pm would probably be a better time.
We got a research and development training from Sancho as well. It was kinda cool to see all the tricks that can be done using Google Search and learning about donors and 990 form. Though research is probably not my strongest suite, I still find it fascinating to experience what a professional in that field do. (notes at tablet)
Angie came and the interns helped with setting up and cleaning up the office. Since we got experience from the previous workshops, the setup process was getting easier for us. We navigated working with Angie and Emma and learnt their working styles. It is cool to see the workshop happened but it would be even better if more people showed up. Maybe I should really start promoting the series to other non-profits/ ongoing summer programs related to social justice.
Emma and Angie mentioned getting donations for the following three events and Kam said it might be best to direct that to Amy since she was familiar with donor works.

Gave 10.00 hours on 07/23/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

I didn't realize I'm the only intern that is coming in to the office today. The first thing I did when I got here was to update my hours for last week on GivePulse. I checked the PR inbox and found two more new tasks for us interns to do -- KBOO training (email) and planning for FHS reg days. Stefan then told me there will be two upcoming events posted on GP; both of them looked hella interesting!
Pan-African Leadership & Beach Trip!
I finally got a time to look into the Buffer app that Melisa slacked to us. There was a free trial available but I thought it would be a better idea to just look up Buffer tutorial on Youtube. Ended up spending a good chunk of time researching on Social media/ non-profit, as Duke mentioned before if Passion Impact wants to create a personality/ character online.
Finished editing my PR profile.
Looked into the app called "Cleaner" which basically is a data analysis app for Instagram followers and engagements. Obviously our instagram account is a mess and a lot of time needed to be invested into that to tidy it up.

Gave 4.08 hours on 07/22/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Mt. Scot Fuel Company Tabling Event.
Kamerin and I got to the office in the morning to help with transporting the tabling materials to the location. Kam asked Matrix to help with driving. We got to the location and there weren't that many tables at the event. The place looked insanely cool tho, with mountains of idk what lying on the ground. There was food so that was a plus.
We talked to mostly adults. The most meaningful conversation happened between us and the volunteers who tabled at the other table. We met a lady with a daughter going to Franklin and a son going next year. She seemed very interested in our program and was all-in for volunteering. She then told us about her grand plan of passing the proposal at PTA to build a community garden at Franklin. Kam and I mentioned some teachers' names who would definitely be on board with her plan (also clubs). Then we told her about the speaker series, she looked at the board and yelled, "OMG, that's my brother-in-law!" Apparently she knows Anthony (Carla) in person and was in Anthony's wedding. Crazy stories and she talked about how she wanted to invite Anthony to Franklin for a workshop with theater or LGBTQ club sth like that. And she (I think her name is Raven) is super interested in coming on Tuesday and check out our workshop.
Overall, it was a chill and cool experience to meet people like that.

Gave 3.67 hours on 07/20/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Continued to work on the Facebook event today. The Facebook cover design I made using Canva yesterday was way off. Not only the size was off, the cover didn't really communicate much about the speaker series itself. So I did some final edit on the design and added the face of our speakers to the cover.
I also scheduled a post at 3:05pm to boost the event a little bit more. I nearly invited all of my FB friends in Portland to this event so that was fun.
Continued the design for the instagram post. Thinking back to what we discussed with Duke, I think using Stefan's meme face as the first picture that our target market see in a post would really capture their attention. Maybe I'll work on that more tmrw or whenever I got time. I want the post to be out before Sunday but enough Social Media management + Graphic design for today.

I will also be updating my hours on GP and Summer Works. After that, I'll make some final corrections on my PR profile.

Gave 3.00 hours on 07/19/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Both Kam and I arrived the office at around 10:00am today, did a better job communicating with my fellow interns so no one would need to wait for the door. As a team, we first went through the tasks we have on meistertask first. We talked a little bit about the Mt. Scot tabling event but decided the morning till lunch break would be our individual work time, then we would come together for phone jam and tabling prep.
Dania and I went next door to ask for more info on printing the PR t-shirts. The dude next door at triumph (he gave me us business card but I still forgot his name). He said one color design would be most ideal for a small amount production like ours, and that he used the printmaking method. He gave us a deal for $12 per T-shirts. He suggested us to not use design with tiny lines. Apparently that would be hard to print. Also, designing on those T-shirt site is not the best idea since they usually wouldn't let you download the design. (t-shirt web price $30+ per T-shirt).
He said PDF file would be best, maybe start looking into software that allow us to design manually such as paint and Adobe illustrator.
We don't have those (Kam has a drawing pad that can be attached to a laptop tho) so I went online, found a pretty decent online design software.
Spent a good chunk of time playing with the software and created some rough draft for the t-shirt design/ logo.
I thought recording the daily work of PR intern would be cool so I spent a little bit of time playing with IG story. Now our followers know what we do in the office on a daily basis.
Jumped onto the design for the Summer speaker series' post on both IG and FB + FB event. Created some follow-up post template for instagram. Since the FB event is more pressing, so I switched to design the event cover for the FB event. It took a good amount of time to come up with a rough draft/ semi-finished cover.
Messed around with the FB event function which was kinda dope, planned to publish the event later today or tmrw afternoon.

Gave 7.58 hours on 07/18/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Today, I came in before 9am (proud Carly) and met Jenny who works with Write Around Portland. She seems cool and it'd be nice to see if there'll be any future partnership that could be established between them and ACE.
I updated my MeisterTask and GivePulse. I wrote multiple paragraphs for the reflection because a lot happened on Monday and Tuesday.
Duke, the dude (get it?) who designs by goats, came in to give us some insights on design and marketing. I personally found it really interesting to hear from a professional graphic designer perspective and how he runs his business. But we kinda started the training without bringing in any example of our design/ template which made it hard for Duke to give us specific and direct feedback. Despite that, we discussed ways to engage with our target market through social media and how to have youth gravitate towards our posts.
Did some improv which is pretty fun.
Took our lunch break.
Reflect on Bagdad tabling.
Get kinda trained on phone jam. (Committees and Board of Members)
Did some phone jam but apparently Stefan messed up the phone number.
Set up my voicemail box which is pretty cool! :)

Gave 8.00 hours on 07/17/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

Wake up in the morning feeling like ____!
I came into the office a little late today. We started the team meeting not long after I arrived. We talked about the tasks we did in the past week and what we will be doing in this week.
We looked into the skill set that is needed in this position and which intern is better at what skills. We created a table to show what skills we are good at and what we wish to do more. That would help with division of labor and what to assign to which interns in the future.
After the lunch break, we began the "How to table with confidence" workshop. We first went over a 9-personalities test and kinda identify which personalities we leaned toward. Stefan then showed us the circle chart and how determining which number the incoming people are acting upon can help when we table. We took on the persona of different numbers and table. At the end, we reflected on the experience.
Got half an hour to 45min to work on our own stuff.
Helped w/ Angie on setting up for the Ableism and Disability workshop. Figured out how the projector works which is cool. Enjoyed the workshop and food so freaking much, though the presenter presented as if it was a class which made it a little boring at times. But overall, I liked the experience.
We had a short period of time meeting with Emma.
Talked about
- social media post (weekend before)
- PI Facebook event (editor, ask Stefan?)
- ask for donations (air purifier,...)

Gave 10.15 hours on 07/16/2019 with PI: PCC
Passion Impact

McMenamins Bagdad Friends and Family Night.
We set up our table once we get there. The location was fabulous along with those huge glasses at the back. The only part that was lame is that there isn't any outlet near our table.
Most of the people who stopped by the table were Stefan's friends, and they were genuinely interested in knowing what the org. and us as interns do. I remembered talking to a lady that was waiting for her daughter to come out. She seemed hooked about the idea that we help youth to find their passion through volunteerism. She started sharing how she works in the business world and at the same time, she loves art. I could see the passion in her eyes when she talked about her "old days" so that was super cool.
I partnered with Bao and Dania to walk up to different tables and tell the customers how much we appreciated them being there tonight. I realized I was kinda taking the lead to talk the entire time when tabling, so I decided to step down and let Bao and Dania to introduce PI and PR to the customers while I stood beside them to join in whenever they got stuck or stopped. It was good for myself to realize that a great leader need to know when to step down and shy away.
The food was bomb btw!

Gave 4.00 hours on 07/15/2019 with PI: PCC
GivePulse profile picture of Stefan Peierls Stefan Peierls  6 months ago
This is a fantastic reflection Carly!!! I hope you use this to write your blog!
Passion Impact

Today, I came in to the office later the day to prep for the Bagdad fundraising event. I totally had forgotten to change my hour on Google calendar and that caused some troubles for both Dania and Bao. Stefan was out of the office a little bit in the morning so Dania wasn't able to enter the office. I think I need to do a better job notifying my teammates on slack (I usually remember stuff right before I go to bed after I turned off my phone).
I came in to find out that Amy got the logistics part down already. For e.x, what to let the people know, what is PI, etc. So I began to make a list of ways to engage with the people who came in and a list of materials to bring over.
I thought re-decorating the display board (not saying that the old version was's kinda...) would be a good idea so I did some design on canva, printed them out and pinned them on the board.

Gave 4.15 hours on 07/15/2019 with PI: PCC