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San Antonio Food Bank

Today, April 13, I had the opportunity to spend some time volunteering with the San Antonio Food Bank. In particular, I was able to work out on the farm at San Juan community farm. I arrived at 0745 and was greeted by one of the staff members where she helped all of the volunteers get checked in as well as fill out the necessary paperwork for being on the national park. As the group walked back to where they had the shed with the tools, we were greeted with two more staff members that were there to assist us. We separated into two groups one was to plant some beans while my group went off to plant some fresh pepper plants.
We made pretty quick work of planting. We all got into a rhythm and worked together to get the work done. Once we were done with that, we went on to pull some old orange trees that did not take to make room for some peach trees that were donated to the farm. In total, they will be receiving 150 new peach trees to be planted this Wednesday. By this time, we had reached our designated time to be there (2.5 hours) so we thanked the staff and said our goodbyes.
Most know the San Antonio Food Bank as a distributor of food. I was not aware of the work they do at growing produce. This farm in particular within a year will grow and distribute up 300,000 pounds of produce for the 16 counties it is responsible for. I was curious as to how they are able to keep this going. They told me that they get around 7,000 volunteers a year to come out and help. I learned so much while I was there and every question, I had the staff was there with an answer.
I look forward to future opportunities to volunteer out on the produce farm for the Food Bank. It is a great experience and extremely rewarding. I would recommend anyone to go out and volunteer with the San Juan Community Farm, you will not regret it.

Gave 2.50 hours on 04/13/2019 with The University of Texas at San Antonio

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