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2019 Byline Bank Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K
2018 Chicago Half Marathon
2018 Chicago Triathlon

shortly after i signed up to volunteer...coincidentally i received a call from my credit card asking me to verify a 3,500 charge from "lifetime"., plus a few amazon charges. maybe 1 or 2 dollars each...of course i didn't charge that much to "lifetime", and i had to cancel the card and get a replacement..what do you think about that

Gave 5.50 hours on 08/24/2018
Chicago Polar Dash
Chicago Get Lucky
Chicago Get Lucky
Warehouse Help
2016 Turkey Day Run Chicago 5K/8K
2015 Turkey Day Run Chicago
Turkey Day Run Chicago

for what its worth...i attempted, as a volunteer, to leave my backpack in gear check with another volunteer at first who dorected me to a staff member (badged blue "staff")...she stated she couldn't do simple question is if you are unwilling to take care of the volunteers who are dedicated, giving, community minded and absolutely unselfish with their perosnal time...especially on thanksgiving...then why should we as a volunteer help you

Gave 4.75 hours on 11/27/2014
GivePulse profile picture of Sarah Nadler Sarah Nadler  5 years ago
Hi Darren,

I am terribly sorry that you felt like you and your items were not taken care of during the event. I will discuss it with the staff member at the gear check. You are always welcome to keep your items in the volunteer tent.

Thank you very much for donating your time on Thanksgiving, it was VERY much appreciated.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you again,

Sarah Nadler
Volunteer Coordinator
Life Time Athletic Events