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Colton Becker

Colton @ Movember

Gave 3.00 hours on Nov 15, 2016 with ULN '18
Music Matters Luncheon -- Kids in a New Groove
Kids In A New Groove

Provided photography services for KING, the non-profit I volunteer for in Austin.

Gave 3.00 hours on Oct 20, 2016 with ULN '18
Dell Children's Hospital

Assisted nurses on PACU floor with various tasks including wheeling patients to and from rooms, restocking medical supplies and guiding patient families through the facility.

Gave 4.00 hours on Sep 4, 2016 with ULN '18
University Leadership Network

I am a weekly volunteer at Dell Children's hospital on Sundays and I assist nurses with post-op patient care as well as escort families into and out of the PACU unit. Additionally, I answer all phone calls and replenish needed supplies for the upcoming week. Every week I contribute 3-4 hours of service.

Gave 4.00 hours on Jan 3, 2016 with ULN '18
University Leadership Network

I volunteered with Kids in a New Groove which is a non-profit organization in Austin that provides opportunities for children in foster care to explore their creativity through music lessons while also giving them a source of continuity and stability that enhances their performance in school and beyond. I photograph all of their events, each being about 3-4 hours long and occurring one to two times every quarter of the year. In the past several months, I have contributed 6 hours of service to KING.

Gave 6.00 hours on Nov 10, 2015 with ULN '18
Colton Becker

Colton @ ALS Busby Event

Gave 2.00 hours on May 2, 2015 with University Leadership Network
Colton Becker

Colton @ JuCan Foundation

Gave 7.00 hours on Apr 4, 2015 with University Leadership Network

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