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    Katie Pierce

    Katie @ Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

    Unfortunately due to COVID this amazing service was stopped due to the risk it offered. When we were allowed to participate, it was one of the most amazing services to perform. You prepare all the food, cook it, serve it, clean up and we have a great time doing it. When you have a lot to offer the world and you take time on your early saturday mornings to give back, it makes your heart happy. I wish that we were still able to provide for those less fortunate as it was a great opportunity to show my son that not everyone has what they want.

    Gave 15.00 hours on 09/03/2020 with University of the Incarnate Word
    Katie Pierce

    Katie @ Military Retirement

    Planning any event can be stressful, but even more so with COVID mitigations needing to be followed. I am very fortunate that everything came together how it did and I would do it 100 times over just to see how happy this made everyone. An event that no one thought would happen, and then it did.

    Gave 624.00 hours between 08/28/2020 and 09/23/2020 with University of the Incarnate Word
    (Online Service Opportunity)  UIW Thanking Our Heroes Postcard Campaign

    This one took me a little bit of time. It is definitely an interesting activity to write to someone you don't even know. Thanking them or just sending a quick note. I enjoyed this activity and it made me feel like I was actually with them talking with them. I just thought about what I would say to their face if they were right in front of me. It was a very pleasant experience.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 07/16/2020 with University of the Incarnate Word