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    Children's National Medical Center-APEP

    Worked on the website that will be launched to share information, testimonials, helpful resources, the YAB mission and about the team. Today, it became apparent how amazing the work on the front lines is, specifically working on the clinical side of things. I am a researcher at heart. I spend hours in the lab each week working with rats, writing papers, practicing procedures, testing drugs, cutting brains, etc. in order understand the effects of HIV on the brain. So, to see the work of scientists come to fruition, from bench to bedside is absolutely thrilling. I love being apart of this important mission and I cannot wait to continue learning and doing the work to make change.

    Gave 3.50 hours on 11/28/2023
    Thrive DC

    Gave 1.00 hour on 11/13/2023 with Community Psychology (345) - Section 001
    Morgan Scott

    Morgan @ Center for AIDS Research - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pipeline Initiative

    *Hours include transportation - 1.5 working hours*
    Through our outreach program with CFAR, we had the pleasure of working with the students of Harriet Tubman Elementary School to expose them to the field of STEM. We brought rabbit and cat brain molds to construct clay brains. We allowed the kids to participate in this activity to expose them to interactive, hands-on learning. Following this, we asked the kids to draw pictures of scientists, we encouraged them to think of people that looked like them, from all different backgrounds because scientists can be anyone, no matter what you look like, what you represent, where you come from, etc. Many of them drew pictures of men with glasses and lab coats, I was thrilled when I saw two little boys draw pictures of Black women scientists, after seeing the volunteers in the program, which really warmed my heart! To end the afternoon, we had a presentation with a REAL human brain, which was amazing. They had the chance to ask a bunch of questions and answer some of our questions. we presented some of our research with the kids and encouraged them to take chances and get involved in research and STEM without any fear or hesitation, especially if it's something they are passionate about it. The kids were so thrilled with he activities, and it was so amazing to experience their intelligence and interest in science/research. I was left feeling so inspired by this next generation, and I cannot wait for the next outreach activity! 10/10!

    Gave 2.50 hours on 10/26/2023 with DC Reads, Community Psychology (345) - Section 001
    Volunteer Opportunities at Children's National Medical Center-APEP

    Engaged with youth voices around the DMV area to talk about PreP and cART. Discussed potential initiatives and deliverables to aid in the fight against HIV and how we can make a significant impact on Black and Brown youth around the community, by examining the roots of the problem and advocate for the spread of information and proper care to those that are within our target population.

    Gave 3.50 hours on 10/10/2023
    Volunteer Opportunities at Children's National Medical Center-APEP

    I am a member of the Youth Advisory Council, which seeks to provide vital information about HIV prevention, treatment, and general information targeted at marginalized youth around the DMV area. During this session, we discussed ways to address this topic in a way that is digestible, relatable, and appropriate for our audience. We engaged in peer to peer conversation, proposed ideas for outreach programs, and social media engagement.

    Gave 3.50 hours on 09/26/2023
    Children's National Medical Center-APEP

    The purpose of this volunteer opportunity is to learn information about ways to protect individuals against HIV, by bringing in different professionals and engaging in important discussions about PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. We learned about the certain demographic groups that are significantly impacted by HIV, specifically young Black and Brown individuals. So, we are trying to create frameworks and impact plans for how to spread the word to these vulnerable communities that make them the most comfortable and receptive to these preventative treatments. At this meeting, we met a pharmaceutical representative from a PrEP injectable company who shared her experiences with the emerging medicine and how this could impact individuals. It was such an enlightening and educational meeting, and I was so inspired by the work done by the individuals at Children's.

    Gave 3.50 hours on 08/30/2023