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    2023 Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half

    Volunteering was lots of fun! The one recommendation I would make is to ensure aid station leaders check with their ENTIRE team on location and directions before leaving the meet up point. Alternatively, please add the aid station GPS coordinates to the volunteering email. I was in a situation where multiple cars had to go to an aid station. The aid station leader said to follow her in her van however she took off and left before I was able to get back to the meet up point in my car and see where she went. Luckily I was able to follow aid station leader going to a different point and ask them for directions, but had that not happened I'm not sure if I would have found the aid station location to report to after meeting at the warehouse.

    Gave 9.75 hours on 06/17/2023
    2023 Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half

    The team was great to work with - instructions were clear - everyone was extremely friendly.

    Gave 5.00 hours on 06/16/2023