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Richard Brobbey

Richard @ hour of code: creativity with ai

As part of the Hour of Code initiative, I had the opportunity to teach middle school students the fundamentals of coding through an engaging and interactive project titled "Turtle Run". This initiative aims to spark an interest in computer science by allowing students to participate in an hour-long coding session. Our goal was to demystify coding and show that it's not only accessible but also fun and immediately rewarding. The "Turtle Run" project was designed to introduce students to basic programming concepts using Python in a playful and relatable manner. The session’s objectives were to teach students how to control a sprite using the arrow keys, utilize lists and random functions to generate hazards, and implement collision detection to determine game outcomes. I began by explaining the structure of the Python script, starting with the creation of the game environment including the start and finish zones, as well as the roads where hazards would appear.
We discussed how to manipulate sprites, handling their movement and interactions, which was crucial for developing the core mechanics of our game. As we encountered errors or unexpected behavior in our code, we used these moments as critical teaching points, emphasizing the importance of debugging and iterative testing in software development. Teaching the "Turtle Run" game for the Hour of Code was an enriching experience, providing a practical application of coding concepts in a fun and accessible way.

Gave 8.00 hours between 04/15/2024 and 04/16/2024