The community for volunteer managers and event planners

Manage & Schedule Volunteers in Your Group

GivePulse enables you to manage your membership, schedule, communicate and track all activity of your volunteers in one database.

List opportunities

List public or private opportunities that can be one day, multi-day, recurring, random or ongoing events with our without shifts. We provide you a flexible platform to organize all types of events.

Add custom fields, inputs, surveys & forms

Right before volunteers can join, you may prompt them questions (custom fields) to fill out. These fields can be used for surveying and even getting a better idea on their experience.

Manage Memberships

Oversee and manage memberships by approving or moving individuals into other groups within your portal. Leverage our database to centralize all data about your users so that you can run reports and have a better understanding on your volunteers impact.

Manage registrations and invites

Review and organize everyone who has registered to your events or who have been invited. You may export or reassign volunteers to other shifts and events while ensuring all data is synchronized and notifications go out appropriately.

Calendar Scheduling/Registration

Define an interactive calendar that enables volunteers to view all available events. You may also use our timeslot event type to empower volunteers to interact with a calendar and select when they want to volunteer.

Manage all Data

Centralize all volunteer data (hours, registrations, survey, details, etc.,) so you may have one place to verify, run reports and know who your best volunteers are.

Have a strong understanding of the Insights in your group

We help you translate hours and other outputs into economic benefits for your organization and mission

Reporting & Insights

Review Insights and run reports on specific initiatives, events and individuals

Relationship management database

Manage all interactions and data of your members and their activity in your community

Verify hours and continue a dialogue

Manage and verify on the impact of your volunteers and reflect on it together

Individuals who may benefit from GivePulse

Volunteer Managers

Volunteer Directors, Managers and Coordinators use GivePulse to recruit, manage, track and schedule volunteers.

Event Planners

Event Organizers, Managers and Planners use GivePulse to manage logistics of events and to coordinate multiple tasks in one location

Groups, Events, Festivals, Conferences

Groups of all kinds use GivePulse to manage their own operations and recruit a base of volunteers to help support and amplify the event.