The community for volunteers, advocates and civic leaders

Manage Your Engagement

GivePulse enables you to easily explore where you can make an impact in your local community

Dashboard & Schedule Management

Use your dashboard to view upcoming events and opportunities you have registered. Now you have one single place to manage, review and reflect on your experiences

Manage Impacts

Track and measure your own activity to various different groups and causes. Generate certificates of verified attendance and engagement you have with specific community partners

Reporting & Insights

Review, reflect, manage your volunteer hours in the form of "Social Impacts", and share your experience. You may also review all the reports which are generated about your impact over time.

Become a Group Administrator & Leader

Create your own group and advocate for causes and mission you and your community care about

Register and Review Group Sign-Ups

Register your whole group or team to volunteer and serve for specific events and opportunities. You may also create your own group and events and have complete control over them.

Determine who from your Group Registered

There are many instances where you inform your members to register and they don't. GivePulse helps inform you of who in your group has registered so that it helps better coordinate the logistics of who has or has not registered to events you don't control.

GivePulse Features

Social Impact Profile

Create and oversee your social impact profile. The account that manages your engagement and interest in community issues.

Sharing of Impacts

There are many reasons why you may want to track your engagement. It can be for the Presidential Service Award, for class credit or membership to a greek club. We make it easy for you to centralize it all and inform all stakeholders.

Reflection and Reviews

We put a strong emphasis on pre and post service reflection. This can be anything from general user feedback to help improve experiences and gauge individual growth to targeted answers to custom field questions, allowing institutions and researchers to gather pertinent data.


It starts with one volunteer to build an army that will help move the needle and improve the world.