Collaboration with Anthology (formerly Campus Labs)

Streamlining the student community service experience by integrating with the Anthology's co-curricular engagement platform

What we both do

GivePulse is a platform and database to track, assess and manage all community engagement activity, including service-learning, community service, volunteering, engaged scholarship, civic engagement, etc. Anthology Engage is a co-curricular engagement platform for student activities and student organizations. Together we can help each other's institutions to advance and further their work for students and partners

  • GivePulse
    Provides a platform for community partners to list and post opportunities, recruit students, and help verify attendance, hours and engagement
  • Anthology (formerly Campus Labs) Engage
    Provides a single place for students to search for registered student organizations and events happening on campus
  • Together
    We are able to provide a seamless student experience to further involve and engage in community related opportunities and activities

How we are collaborating

GivePulse is a platform that can integrate with many systems and applications. We choose to collaborate with Anthology because they believe in our mission of helping institutions advance and assess their community engagement work at scale. To do this, students must be able to find community partners and experiences on GivePulse and Anthology Engage product

  • Seamless Student Experience
    Allow students to search for community service related opportunities and record their hours easily
  • Co-Curricular Transcript
    Allow student hours and service activities to be verified by the partner and the evidence to be summarized into the transcript
  • Data Synchronization & Integration
    Allow the two different platforms to speak with one another so that data is synchronized with no duplicates or bad data being transferred