Carnegie Foundation - Elective Community Engagement Classification

For the 2020 classification, the Swearer Center at Brown University, administrative partner to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, is collaborating with GivePulse to create an online framework for the application.

Online Application

The Swearer Center at Brown University is collaborating with GivePulse to innovate on the online framework for the application.

  • First-Time Classification Application
    We can help new institutions that are applying for the first time, get acquainted with the application process and respond to any inquiries about the content.
  • Re-Classification Application
    The framework asks institutions that have received the classification in 2010 and are applying for re-classification, about improvements, changes and how institutions may have scaled their work overall, and within centers, schools, departments, or program.
  • Technology
    From a technology perspective, we believe our collaboration with Swearer Center’s College & University Engagement Initiative (CUEI) will enable us to provide one location to facilitate the tracking, assessment and review of your community engagement work. We are excited to innovate and share more of the benefits of our partnership as we expand these assessment and survey capabilities in the near future.

How we can help

The Elective Carnegie Community Engagement Classification’s first-time and re-classification application frameworks are hosted on GivePulse. They are accessible online for institutions to create drafts/revisions, return to view past applications, and submit new applications for review.

  • Streamlined Design
    The application design is streamlined with dependencies and includes skip and display logic questions to facilitate user experience. There are also many questions featuring matrices to help guide the applicant in filling out further details. For further information on our assessment capabilities you can go here
  • Draft Mode
    When filling out the framework, applicants are able to save drafts of the application and return to work on the drafts at a later time.
  • Community Partner Grid
    New to the application is a process by which partner data and contact information can added by applicants. A short survey will be sent to partners for feedback on the relationship with the university.

Support & Questions

As a proud supporter of all community engagement work, we along with the Swearer Center will be helping you every step of the way

  • Tech Support
    As a proud supporter of community engagement work, we, along with the Swearer Center team, will be helping you every step of the way.
  • Questions Related to the Framework
    For general inquiries regarding the application process and content, please contact Georgina Manok or the Carnegie team or within GivePulse GivePulse account).
  • Internet Browsers
    The online application is available for all modern browsers and their versions like: Chrome 66<, Firefox 59<, Safari 11.2<, Opera 52<, Edge 16<, Explorer 11<