Donation Drives

Donation drives help manage the intake of resources, needs, and items. GivePulse can manage your inventory, fulfillment, disbursement and database to itemize, match and distribute supplies.

What are Donation Drives?

In addition to our platform’s donation and fundraising campaigns functionality, we offer functionality for donation drives. Donation drives allow individuals and groups to donate new, unused or used items to those who really need them. For example, clothing, hand sanitizer, and canned food are all popular donation items that could keep people warm, safe, and fed. If your organization sets up a donation drive, you can match donations of items or collect donated goods to later disburse.

  • Determining the Needs of the community
    The community is always in need of various resources that may be difficult to retrieve or fulfill. During a crisis or emergency, everything from pro bono sharing of skills to hand sanitizer become resources that organizations are hoping to receive. In order to determine community needs, GivePulse provides functionality allowing community partners and members to submit requests. These requests can then be reviewed by the organization or partner’s administrator to determine if and how they can be fulfilled.
  • Displaying Needs
    When an administrator approves an item or need for the donation drive, the item can be marketed onto GivePulse in a list or photo gallery view. Individuals can then see and choose to fulfill these needs all from one page.

Setting up your donation drives

Donation drives can be activated to allow folks to both request items from the donation drive as beneficiaries and to fulfill the needs of the community as donors For a step by step guide to setting up your donation drives, see our support article.

  • Requesting the Needs
    Individuals and community members can use donation drives to request items or resources that they need. In this way, your organization can ensure that your community is are able to share their needs and have them met.
  • Fulfilling the Needs
    Donors, community members and organizations can fulfill needs to complete a donation drive. To do so, they can select the exact amounts of each requested item that they are able to provide. Organizations creating donation drives can also set custom field questions with each donation if they need additional information about the items donated (for example, if you are creating a clothing drive, you might want to know the size of each article of clothing, or whether or not it has already been worn). You can then use the management page to track whether the items have been delivered to your organization, as well as any other auto-generated or custom data gathered.

Survey & Forms

Add, update and administer surveys to individuals and groups. Learn more about our surveys functionality here

  • Custom Fields
    Drag & drop ability to generate surveys with all types of inputs, dropdowns, text fields, video embedding and other options
  • Anonymity
    With a simple toggle, you can conduct a research study surveying people anonymously, or toggle it back and require people to authenticate
  • Templates
    Templates allow you to duplicate a survey or re-purpose it for other initiatives


Insights aggregate all the data and engagement of your group to be analyzed and visualized. You can also compare the data with one or many groups within your network.

  • Aggregation of Data
    Data is automatically pulled for your reporting purposes. Getting the data in a CSV or Excel format is always helpful. But with Insights, alongside our report engine, you are able to access and see this data visually in real time
  • Comparing Multiple Groups
    When you have a network of groups and databases within GivePulse, there are many instances in which you need to compare one group of data to another. Insights allow you to compare one or many groups visually from a single dashboard

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