Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series

Thanks so much for checking out our page!  We are the Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series and we hope you will work with us!


Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series seeks to help our community become more healthy through providing fitness events that are appropriate for people of all ages and ability levels.  We partner with many different organizations throughout the Ozarks every year to bring these activities to our area and to serve local charities.  We are sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and other local, regional and national businesses but all of our events are not-for-profit, meaning all proceeds go back to local charities.

We'd love for you to volunteer with us!  Your participation makes a huge difference!  
We offer a variety of opportunities volunteer participation and would even offer volunteer leadership positions.  Please consider this chance to help people achieve their goals and bring your friends and family with you!
2,229 People | 1,354 Impact | 5,400 Hours

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Created on Dec 1, 2017