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GivePulse Community Partner Affiliation Disclaimer Portland Community College, through the Community-Based Learning Program Office, offers the GivePulse Affiliation solely as a service to the members of the College community. Affiliation of an organization in GivePulse does not indicate endorsement by the College of the organization’s mission, practices, views (political or otherwise), or information included in the organization’s linked websites. While the College strives to include only organizations that operate in a safe and non-discriminatory manner, it makes no representations or recommendations regarding the organizations listed and cannot and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any conditions, hazards or risks, or for any related personal injuries or property damage arising directly or indirectly from an individual’s participation in activities of these organizations. Individuals should use their own judgment in evaluation of the organizations and any activities participated herein.


Community-Based Learning Program

At Portland Community College (PCC) is an academic program that provides support across all disciplines through assistance with community-based learning course implementation, professional development, and resources. The program supports the Mission, Vision, and Values of PCC and serves everyone under the PCC umbrella throughout the district.

Additionally, the Community-Based Learning Program provides resources for hands-on individual and student group volunteering throughout the greater Portland region

Classes approved for community-based learning are listed here in GivePulse. 
As a teaching method, Community-Based Learning integrates reciprocal partnerships, community engagement, and critical reflection to meet institutional and course outcomes while developing individual, civic, and social responsibility. Faculty choose to teach courses with a community-based learning component (either optional or required) as a way to engage students in the classroom. Students in these courses actively participate in the community and relate their experiences to the course material through various methods of reflection (discussion, journal entry, written report, presentation, etc.).

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