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Friends of Outdoor School (FODS) is dedicated to increasing student access to Oregon's award-winning, field science Outdoor School (ODS) programs that contribute to educational development, inspire youth, and promote personal growth. We do this through advocacy, fundraising, and community engagement. Our vision is that EVERY Oregon student attends a week of Outdoor School. Created from a grassroots movement in 2003 to save the Multnomah Education Service District ODS program for Portland Public Schools, FODS is now the lead organization in Oregon supporting ODS. To ensure equitable access to ODS, we seek to be responsive, adaptable, and accountable.

Our goals are to:

  • Maintain state funding so that all Oregon students have the funds to attend a week of ODS.

  • Ensure that the community of Oregon ODS lovers know how to champion for and engage with ODS.

  • Facilitate networks among community groups, businesses, nonprofits, school districts, and government agencies to raise the profile of ODS, in order to ensure program accessibility and success.

  • Identify barriers to accessing the education offered at ODS and work with the networks to find solutions so that ODS is a rewarding, meaningful, safe, and educational experience for each and every Oregon student.

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