Beyond Clinic Walls


The Need
  • America’s population is aging— advances in health care have increased life expectancy.
  • Maintaining independence and autonomy improves quality of life.
  • Many people over 60 report feeling lonely or isolated.
    • Associated with increased risk of death
    • Associated with reduced mobility

Project Description
  • Students visit older participants to check the following:
    • food supply
    • safety hazards in the home
    • review medications
  • Students socialize and interact with older participants.
  • Students identify participants’ key health challenges, monitor their day- to-day lifestyle, and assist them in remaining independent.

Annual Student Activities
  • Co-sponsor programs with student interest group in geriatric medicine.
  • Semi-annual “Roundtable” with the Glennan Center.
  • Projects with participants.
  • Beyond Clinic Walls recognized by the Commonwealth Council on Aging for the annual best practices award competition in 2012.
Sustainable Development Goals
61 People | 592 Impacts | 823 Hours