Environmental Health


  • Environmental health directly impacts overall health
  • Environmental factors can often be controlled or mitigated to improve health outcomes and reduce harm
  • Those living in rural or low-income areas are more likely to experience health disparities
  • 8.2 million out of 12.6 million deaths annually are caused by non- communicable diseases linked to environmental factors (WHO)
  • Patients frequently look to their health professionals for guidance related to environmental health and its consequences, necessitating increased awareness of among clinicians

Project Description
  • Identifying key environmental health needs & disparities
  • Conducting environmental and occupational health assessments
  • Developing interventions and solutions to environmental health challenges
  • Promoting environmental health awareness in the community

Annual Student Activities
  • 8 students per cohort
  • 2018 – partnership formed with ODU to provide EVMS students with access to laboratory & equipment
  • 2019 – students conducted well water sampling in Suffolk that tested for contaminants
  • Field trips to various local sites
  • Environmental Health Speaker Series: lunch talks with field experts on topics including vector- and water-borne illnesses, occupational health, and climate change
Sustainable Development Goals
118 People | 364 Impacts | 584 Hours