Mother and Baby Mermaids


The Need
  • Pregnancy is the gateway to future health of both mother and baby
  • Women of lower socioeconomic status experience pregnancy-related complications at a significantly higher rate than those of higher socioeconomic status
  • Maternal mortality rates in the U.S. are rising, particularly in marginalized populations (the opposite of trends in other similarly developed countries)
Project Description
  • Provide support to expectant mothers by accompanying them to prenatal appointments at EVMS and regularly communicating with mothers to identify any challenges that may arise
  • Celebrate successes throughout the pregnancy and newborn period
  • Particular attention is given to pregnancy related education including normal changes during pregnancy, complications, stages of labor, and clinical indications of postpartum depression
Annual Student Activities
  • 12 students per cohort
  • Students have the opportunity to attend C-sections and live births
  • Students serve in the community through educational sessions and health fairs
  • Students form lasting relationships with moms
Sustainable Development Goals
146 People | 1,203 Impact | 2,095 Hours