REVIVE! Training


The Need
  • Since 2013, fatal drug overdose has been the leading cause of unnatural death in Virginia
  • The use of opioid reversal agents such as naloxone and Narcan have skyrocketed in recent years due to increase in overdoses
  • Studies have shown for reversal agents to have a maximum level of effectiveness, they must be available to the people most likely to be present during an overdose – the public
  • Medical provider biases regarding addiction have been identified as a major barrier to care
Project Description
  • Gain an appreciation of how communities are affected by the opioid epidemic
  • Understand the highest risk populations & risk factors for opioid overdoses
  • Become comfortable discussing opioid overdose and harm reduction measures with patients
  • Contribute to Norfolk’s opioid response by leading REVIVE! Trainings to increasing community awareness and readiness
  • Lead research projects to better define Hampton Roads opioid’s crisis and barriers to care
  • Learn about available community offerings for addiction treatment
Annual Student Activities
  • 30 students per cohort
  • Students will become certified REVIVE! trainers, making students eligible to lead trainings in the community
Sustainable Development Goals
204 People | 508 Impacts | 805 Hours