WeCare 757 Clinic (no more active)


The initiative is not active any longer.

The Need

  • Preventable cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, including diabetes, hypertension (HTN), hypercholesterolemia, and obesity, are going unprevented, undiagnosed, and untreated in African Americans in Norfolk, Virginia with the St. Paul’s public housing community (PHC) in urban Norfolk as the epi-center.
  • These pockets of Norfolk have more than 90% African Americans, with an increased incidence of CVD risk factors compared to African Americans in other parts of Virginia and the U.S. 
  • Even when diagnosed with HTN, for example, there is a disparity in disease management  between African Americans and white Americans in our region, with treatment rates in Norfolk being 12.45% lower than national treatment rates of white Americans, and 5.75% lower than state treatment rates . 
  • The St. Paul’s neighborhood in which our project will focus is in area code 23510, where the prevalence of HTN is a staggering 47.5% .

Project Description
  • Students will work with community leaders to schedule and hold focus groups to hear about health concerns. This information will then be applied to the design and scheduling of the clinic.
  • Through virtual health experience, students will receive training in virtual health that is both didactic and hands-on prior to attending the clinic.  Following the completion of the didactic content, students will complete a 20-hour telehealth certificate program through Old Dominion University’s (ODU) Center for Telehealth-Innovation, Education and Research (C-TIER) that includes telehealth cultural considerations.  
  • Recruit minority pre-med students and train them to be health educators.
  • Create a novel clinical program to improve health care access and reduce CVD related disparities in a Norfolk Community.

Annual Student Activities
  • This project will include students from Old Dominion University Nursing program, Norfolk State University Social Work Program, and Hampton University Pharmacy program.  This clinic will be mobile and able to pop-up in any setting.  Care will be provided both in-person and virtual.   
Sustainable Development Goals
23 People | 138 Impacts | 179 Hours