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Extreme Flag Football League

Why Extreme Flag Football?
  1. Extreme Flag Football players develops advanced football skills that cannot be developed in a traditional flag football environment, such as:
    • Run and pass blocking techniques
    • Pass rush techniques
    • Defeating blocks
    • Bump & Run and Press coverage techniques
    • Wide receiver releases vs press coverage
    • QB passing mechanics with a helmet and shoulder pads
    • Catching/throwing passes with a helmet and shoulder pads
    • Breaking tackles And more!
  2. Greatly reduces the potential risk of injury associated with full tackle football. Extreme Flag Football is a NO TACKLEleague.
    • Most injuries to young, tackle football players occur when players are taken to the ground. Especially in large "pile ups" or a secondary tackler hitting a runner below the waist or knee while the runner is engaged with another player.
    • Most injuries to young flag football players occur when to players collide at full speed without any protection for their head or shoulder areas.
    • Extreme Flag Football is designed to greatly reduce those types of injuries
  3. Promotes agility and mobility, which increases player's proficiency in maintaining balance before, during and after contact while promoting physicality in all phases of the game.
  4. Incidental contact to unprotected players cannot be fully eliminated in current flag football leagues, thus a semi-padded uniform combined with elements of flag and tackle football; gives young athletes the ability to develop advanced football skills while greatly reducing the risk of injuries to their developing young bodies.
  5. Free Preseason developmental clinics for players and coaches who register with Extreme Flag Football
  6. All Extreme Flag Football coaches are certified through USA Football by Extreme Flag Football
  7. All players receive full membership to USA Football
  8. Extreme Flag Football is the only FORMALLY Affiliated Football league in Central Texas

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