Community Needs Assessment

A comprehensive collection and analysis of what the community needs and gaps are in regards to resources, skills, health or solutions to the problems in a state, tribal, local or regional area.

Data Collection, Analysis & Fulfillment

A process to determine and address the needs or gaps between current conditions and desired conditions. On GivePulse admins are able to capture perceived, expressed, absolute and relative needs and act on addressing them.

  • Defined
    Community Needs Assessment identifies the strengths and resources available in the community to meet the needs of the clients, region, and community members
  • Data Collection
    Data collection capabilities allow you to import normalized data or to gather data via surveys and various tools provided within the GivePulse platform
  • Assessment
    For further information you can go here

Data Collection

Capture, track and manage all the data collected from events, projects, surveys, registration, membership information all into one single location for you to normalize and analyze

  • Pre and Post Assessment
    When you set up an event, do a pre and post survey so you can understand if there are differences before or after an event
  • Quantitative & Qualitative
    With the abilities of custom fields, you can generate a survey or form to collect quantitative and qualitative data
  • Database
    All data is aggregated into one database for you to review and analyze


Collectively review all the data or pick out from the myriad of data sets to run reports and examine further

  • Exports
    When you want the data to be extracted out or exported, you have full control to decide what to get out from the database
  • Analyze
    Built in are functionalities that allow you to analyze the data to determine the success of a program or initiative based on specific sets of questions or surveys
  • Integrations
    Once you amass certain amount of data, there might be interest to integrate the data with other visualization tools to help you find evidence or stories in the data


Insights aggregate all the data and engagement of your group to be analyzed and visualized. You can also compare the data with one or many groups within your network.

  • Aggregation of Data
    Data is automatically pulled for your reporting purposes. Getting the data in a CSV or Excel format is always helpful. But with Insights, alongside our report engine, you are able to access and see this data visually in real time
  • Comparing Multiple Groups
    When you have a network of groups and databases within GivePulse, there are many instances in which you need to compare one group of data to another. Insights allow you to compare one or many groups visually from a single dashboard

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