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GivePulse understands that COVID-19 is impacting our communities. See our latest resources to stay safe and organize events.
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Given the extenuating circumstances we find ourselves in as we face this global public health crisis, we are reaching out to learn more about how your campus and community partners are responding. The GivePulse team has been working hard to respond to the crisis and wants to ensure we are meeting your needs.

We are planning to host a webinar in the near future to share best practices and ideas for supporting faculty, students, partners and local communities. In order to prepare for the webinar and to provide feedback to the GivePulse team we are asking you to complete this short survey. It will only take you a few minutes. 

If you filled out the previous survey, please consider completing this one again to provide any updates or changes to your response since completing the first time. We also have added a number of additional questions to this version of the survey as well. Thank you for your time!

Respondent Information

What is your title or role at the institution?

Campus Response

The question relates to site based placements with community partner agencies.

Community Partner Response

If you responded yes or some to the above question, what is your estimate of partners offering these opportunities.
What are you hearing from the community? Have they been able to respond with alternative experiences for students?

Public Health and Safety

Extremely KnowledgeableSomewhat KnowledgeableKnowledgeableNot Really KnowledgeableNot Knowledgeable At All
Extremely ConcernedSomewhat ConcernedConcernedNot Really ConcernedNot Concerned At All

Volunteers helping with meal delivery, food packing, child care, etc. Any that would need to be in physical proximity to others to meet the need.
If yes, provide a few examples and how they are becoming more evident.

What are your needs?

How can GivePulse help support you?